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Time Machine: Rogue Pilot

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Lesta Studio
Release Date: Spring 2011

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'Time Machine: Rogue Pilot' (PSN) Announced

by Rainier on April 1, 2011 @ 11:50 a.m. PDT

Time Machine: Rogue Pilot combines all my favorite elements from the “match three” and hidden object genre, combined with full HD graphics and a great soundtrack. Your task is to time travel through different eras to fix the past and save he future!

The Time Machine was built by a genius professor for the good of humanity, but it was stolen by a fellow named Jack, who has an interest in bringing destruction to the world. He jumps from one era to another and creates chaos to the timeline. While playing for Ilona, a young girl who was brave enough to chase Jack, you’ll have to collect special crystals in match-three missions that serve as fuel for your Time Machine, enabling you to jump from one era to another.

You’ll need to fix the past by destroying items that don’t belong to the current era — these are the hidden object missions — to bring order to the universe and prevent the catastrophe.

For those who prefer to be the “bad guy,” you can also pass the Story mode playing as Jack and find out what made him try to destroy the world, and who is the real villain in the whole story…

And for puzzle-lovers, the game has six extra modes such as Time Rush, where you need to destroy as much tiles as you can in a short period of time, or Puzzle mode, where you’ll have to destroy all tiles with a limited number of shots. There’s more: Time Machine: Rogue Pilot has a multiplayer mode where you can play the game together with a friend online or on a split screen.

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