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Wildlife Park 3

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: bitComposer
Developer: B-Alive
Release Date: April 8, 2011

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'Wildlife Park 3' v1.04 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 14, 2011 @ 3:24 p.m. PDT

Wildlife Park 3 will again offer the popular combination of building strategy, management and realistic animal simulation.

Get the Wildlife Park 3 v1.04 Patch off WP (33mb)

Wildlife Park 3 v1.04 Patch

  • A save and a load button have been added to the ingame frontmenu. Saving and loading is now possible without returning to the mainmenu.
  • Some textures have been fixed.
  • Some text errors have been fixed.
  • Spruces do not offer "Foliage" anymore.
  • The secondary quest menu has been improved.
  • On some maps the exterior map area now fits better with the external wall.
  • The salary of personnel on some maps has been adjusted.
  • The mission rewards in the campaign and freeplay mode have been adapted.
  • An error which could occur, if you tried to load Mission 20, was fixed.
  • An error in Mission 20, where Questobjectives would be displayed incorrect, was fixed.
  • Gazelles do no "slide" anymore when starting to walk.
  • Some invalid build options have been removed.
  • Some problems with the veterinary AI have been fixed.
  • Trains will now only be deactivated if they are inside of a station.
  • The "buy" Button is now correctly handled.
  • An error, which could provoke perfomance issues was fixed.
  • An error, which could crash the game if you adjusted the graphic settings was fixed.
  • Lodfardistance has been increased.
  • The resolution of some intro videos has been increased.

In Wildlife Camp 3 the player becomes a modern animal park manager. In Campaign mode, 20 missions take him around the globe and set him a range of exciting and varied challenges. The player’s imagination can run riot in the ever popular “free game” mode: the virtual wildlife park manager has over 40 plant species, a range of visitor facilities, numerous building options for enclosures and many more elements available to design and build his own park. Of course he must also consider the needs of the 25 different animal species and must hire and train animal keepers to look after the animals and their offspring.

Randomly generated quests also provide variety; nor should the “cute factor” be ignored in Wildlife Park 3 either!

A number of innovations have made Wildlife Park 3 the most successful and thrilling part of the series to date, as the management part of the game has been substantially upgraded compared to its predecessor, and the numerous park facilities and enclosure types can now be individually designed. The behavior and movements of the various animal species have been faithfully reproduced and of course the popular animal lexicon has been retained, which, besides the animal species, also contains lots of background information on plant species. A new weather system affects animals, plants and visitors alike: animals run for shelter in a downpour, plants wither if it is too dry, and visitors can quickly buy an umbrella in the park shop if it starts raining. An improved clothing system provides a vast selection of different dress styles for the NPCs, each of whom will have different requirements that must be satisfied.

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