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Arsenal of Democracy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: Feb. 23, 2010

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'Arsenal of Democracy' - v1.07 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 18, 2011 @ 2:49 p.m. PDT

Arsenal of Democracy is the ultimate World War II simulation and is described by Project Leader Lennart Berg as “Hearts of Iron II on steroids!”

Get the Arsenal of Democracy v1.07 Patch off WP (50mb)

Arsenal of Democarcy v1.07 Fixes:

  • Minor issues

Arsenal of Democarcy v1.06 Fixes:

Tweaks to Japan AI
Lower 1918 Infantry default morale and organization
Chinese Industry relocation events now evacuate more of the IC provinces
JAP AI will now seek to land in support of the drive from Northern China rather than open a second front in Guangxi.
Lowered effectiveness of Logistical Strike mission
Increased manpower gained by UK during gearing up for war events
Increased starting manpower pools for Nationalist China,UK,USSR,Italy and USA
Refined AI assignment of sliders in case of low manpower
AI now cycles builds through the build queue regularly to ensure all builds receive some IC
AI will no longer lengthen serials if build queue is too large
AI will operate within provinces with infrastructure damaged under 10%, but not in provinces with max infrastructure at 10% or lower
Fixed a bug where trade convoys could be set up from a country at war with one of the trade parties
Added locked garrisons on UK and Japanese Home Islands
Missing tech team pics (Pioniere)
Integration of updated ministers and leaders
Some new minister,leader,tech pics ( credits to Vaximillian, Leonaru,Bestmajor and Kunadam. )
Added Pioniere's province pictures
Increased AI research preferences for doctrines trees
High IC majors will now build nuclear reactors and rocket test sites
Disbanding a division will return its supply/oil to its supply province stockpile, a division killed in combat will return half ( only applicable for land units )
Increased MIL manpower,supply consumption,decreased morale and organization
Typo in USSR.txt - max org = organization
Reduced Croatia revolter territories to avoid "trapping" German units in Yugoslvaia,confusing the AI
Corrections to invasions and strait calculations
AI fleets should no longer be able to move fleets behind straits if distances too great ( German invasion of Ethiopia while Suez and Gribraltar straits still British )
Fixed an issue where upon removing an oil using brigade from a non oil using division would cause a residual infinitesimal consumption that would never go away ( permanent out of oil status )
Corrected an instance where the same delayed events could fire multiple times
Adapted some tech effects to properly display digits ( among them supply and fuel consumptions,morale,org,manpower )
England AI will keep more troops home when at war
Additional info shown by "debugAI" command
If low on manpower during wartime the AI will refrain from building more units and focus more on reinforcing and upgrading existing units
Fixed a number of problems relating to event commands receiving the -1 parameter
Added Org penalty to the USSR Great Purge effects,increased dissent for not choosing Purge and delayed Purge recovery if Germany has not yet attacked.
Implemented system for detailed AI attachment preferences. Details in event commands.txt, "military" section
USSR Great Purge recovery events now properly slept when choosing not to purge
Purge Recovery will conclude on its own early 1942 if no Barbarossa or unsuccessful Barbarossa
AI now properly assings IC to the Infrastructure slider in peacetime as well
Toned down USA's naval builds
Updated model names ( Courtesy of the "Several naming issues" thread contributors )
Uploaded additional propaganda pictures
Added new misc.txt variable, _EV_CORE_PROV_EFF_RISE_TIME_, influencing efficiency regain in liberated core provinces
Fixed a CTD when attempting to delete land/naval/air units when no land/naval/air units exist any longer

Fixed a CTD when attempting to delete land/naval/air units when no land/naval/air units exist any longer
Phillipines now more moderate stats
Fixed an issue where the AI would advance recklessly from beach-heads
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the AI to move units between two fronts on the same landmass as if they were crossing friendly territory
AI: Offensive Supply now only used when needed.
AI: Slider mechanics reworked
Reduced Guangxi Clique aggressiveness towards Nationalist China
Toned down espionage AI of majors
Added "revolt_risk_mult" variable to the ai_file_doc.txt documentation
Further tweaks for Japan AI
Commented out obsolete events
USSR's handicap moved from GDE to Morale
Modified some AI choice chances more towards historical
Redone AI assignment of production sliders
AI should now build synthetic oil plants when feasible and needed
If insufficient production IC, AI will now delete some builds
AI will now move any provincial builds to the bottom
Garrison AI should now seek to relinquish mobile units more
Added additional information displayed for "debugAI" console command
Cavalry considered mobile unit by the AI

Added New Event Functionality
ispuppet = [Country Tag/-1] # True if tag 1 (or country calling event if -1) is a puppet of another nation
puppet = { country = [tag 1/-1] country = [tag 2/-1] } # True if tag 1 (or country calling event if -1) is puppet of tag 2 (or country calling event if -1)
alliance = { country = a/-1 country = b/-1 } # checks if a (or country calling event if -1) and b (or country calling event if -1) is in the same military alliance
access = { country = [tag1/-1] country = [tag2/-1] } # checks if tag1 (or country calling event if -1) is granting military access to tag2 (or country calling event if -1)
non_aggression = { country = [tag1/-1] country = [tag2/-1] } # checks if tag & tag have a non_agg_pact active (-1 can be specified for either tag to reference the country calling the event)
trade = { country = [tag1/-1] country = [tag2/-1] } # checks if tag1 (or country calling event if -1) and tag2 (or country calling event if -1) have an active trade agreement
guarantee = { country = [tag1/-1] country = [tag2/-1] } # checks if tag1 (or country calling event if -1) is guaranteeing the independence of tag2 (or country calling event if -1)
war = { country = a/-1 country = b/-1 }# checks if a (or country calling event if -1) and b (or country calling event if -1) is at war
lost_VP = { country = [tag/-1] value = X }# X% or more of _owned_ VPs in enemy hands (if tag is set to -1, reference the country calling the event)
lost_national = { country = [tag/-1] value = X }# X% or more of national provs in enemy hands (if tag is set to -1, reference the country calling the event)
lost_IC = { country = [tag/-1] value = X }# X% or more of national IC in enemy hands (if tag is set to -1, reference the country calling the event)
military_control = { country = [TAG1/-1] country = [TAG2/-1] } # true if TAG2 (or country calling event if -1) has military control over TAG1 (or country calling event if -1)
losses = { country = [TAG/-1] value = x } # true if country TAG (or country calling event if -1) has suffered at least X times 1000 number of losses in MP (ex. if X is set to 1, this event will fire when the countries total MP losses reach 1000)
province_building = { province = [ID] building = [building type] size = x } # true if province ID has a building of [building type] that is at least of size X, use following values for building: 1 = IC, 2 = coastal fort, 3 = land fort, 4 = AA, 5 = infra, 6 = air base, 7 = naval base, 8 = radar station, 9 = nuclear reactor, 10 = rocket test, 11 = synthetic oil, 12 = synthetic rares

type = peace_with_all which = [country tag/-1] # specified country (or country calling event if -1) signs peace a white peace with all countries it is at war with
type = end_non_aggression which = [country/-1] where = [country/-1] # end a non aggression pact between these countries (-1 can be used for either tag to reference the country calling event)
type = non_aggression which = [country/-1] where = [country/-1] # create a non aggression pact between these countries (-1 can be used for either tag to reference the country calling event)
type = end_trades which = [country/-1] where = [country/-1] # end all trade agreements between these countries (-1 can be used for either tag to reference the country calling event)
type = end_guarantee which = [country/-1] where = [country/-1] # country 1 no longer guarantees independence of country 2 (-1 can be used for either tag to reference the country calling event)
type = guarantee which = [country/-1] where = [country/-1] # country 1 now guarantees independence of country 2 (-1 can be used for either tag to reference the country calling event)
type = grant_military_control which = [TAG] # grant military control to nation TAG
type = end_military_control which = [TAG] # end military control to nation TAG

Removed AI Guangxi-KMT war ( fictional ,historically known as Guangdong-Guangxi Incident, not an armed conflict )
Lowered IC for Chinese factions
Adjusted Chinese "Move industry to interior" events to match new IC values
Updated "manpowerpool" command with new functionality : "which = 1" makes "value = x" be used as %x of daily manpower gain
Province recovery now 270 days again
AI transport fleets should always have screening vessels accompanying them
Reduced daily manpower gain by 1/3
Reduce the supply distance improvement from logistics techs
Moddir tech team images in the intel screen no longer require dummy files in the main installation folder
Fixed Line Gearing decrease to use the correct variable.
Tech pictures and province images now properly work with moddir
Brand New Japan AI
Fixed Land Pathfinding, so that it finds better paths
Fixed loophole that could cause Marco Polo Bridge Incident ( start of 2nd Sino-Japanese war ) to not fire
AI will now be more careful before moving into low infrastructure provinces
Siam revokes military access to Japan when it makes peace with allies.
France and UK now gain hawk lobby and interventionism moves if either Germany or Italy invades Republican Spain during the Spanish Civil War
Toned down minor countries' espionage activity ( was un-historically high and effective )
Toned down minor countries' naval builds and revised air and land builds
Invasion AI will now favor Infantry divisions for naval landings more
Production Acceleration - Fixed a bug that caused the acceleration IC penalty (x2,x3) to be reapplied on every reload
Puppets and Expeditionary Forces - Expeditionary forces can only be exchanged between the puppet and its master,nobody else
"money" trigger added in the event commands.txt
Fixed a bug with auto-leader promotion always promoting to Field Marshall
Reduced Operation Torch USA army requirement from 120 divisions to 50 divisions
Fixed a bug with "under_attack" trigger that caused it to fail if the event's country and the trigger country were at war.
AI now promotes leaders to proper rank to activate HQs
Updated tooltip text for inactive HQs
2-frame HQ symbol with 1 frame for inactive HQs
IC increment at which tech slots are gained now moddable, found in misc.txt "research" section
Tweaked build AIs
Changed fallback type of "infantry" to "militia" instead of "garrison"
Updated the AI documentation with "extra_convoys_war" and "extra_convoys_peace"
Merging all trades from all countries should now work properly
Trading naval units between countries now correctly carries over the stats of the naval attachments as well
switch_allegiance and delete_unit commands now correctly affect the desired percent of units specified by the "when" clause
supply_dist_mod now correctly results in better ESE the higher value it has
"largefront" variable ("front" section of AI script) now active. Details in ai_file_doc.txt
New console command : debugAI. Lists AI info when clicking on a province controlled by an AI country.
AI will now also delete builds if the current build queue overproduces a unit type when compared to the desired AI build scheme in effect.
Modifications to build queue management to take into account fallback types ( if MOT isn't buildable, but present in the build preferences, build INF instead)
New variable in "misc.txt" for moddable maximum number of tech slots
Preferences for units that cannot be built will be ignored rather than be transfered to a unit type
The dig-in bonus of land units will no longer lower the defence efficiency of bombers
Fixed a bug that prevented the secret tech info pop-up from showing when hovering the cursor over secret techs
The "save games" folder is created automatically if missing upon starting a new game
Denniss's model name corrections
Added new economic variable _EV_CAN_CHANGE_IDEAS_ to misc.txt that enables or disables manual idea change by the player
It is now possible to specify the national ideas with which a revolter starts in "revolt.txt"
Added starting ideas to Nationalist Spain revolter
Only fleets with ASW capability are considered potential ASW fleets ( no more hunting subs with BBs )
Implemented "money = <value>" trigger that works like the rest "<resource> = <value>" triggers.
Dissent increasing coup chance now fixed
Fixed bug in switch_allegiance
Uploaded Andy's December 12 files pack
Transport planes now max length = 3
Fixed some CTD issues
Fixed AI leader assignment to garrisons
Further GER AI tweaks
Organisation and Default Organisation specified in "*.inc" files is now correctly taken into account and no longer replaced by the standard values.
AI will now build infra in limited amounts in key resource/IC provinces
AI will now refrain from assigning higher skill commanders to GAR
AI will now avoid assigning ARM/MEC/MOT to garrison duty
The "delete_unit" and "switch_allegiance" commands now work properly. Added "when = [percent]" clause
for automated deletion or switching of set percent of nations' land/naval/air corps.
Added extra texts for "delete_unit" and "switch_allegiance" commands with extra "when" clause
Updated "delete_unit" and "switch_allegiance" commands in "event commands".txt
Hungary now becomes a puppet of USSR when it surrenders to it
A Lend Lease event now correctly gives rather than takes metal from USSR
Fixed an error in loading moddir savegames
Fixed an error when attempting to host a multiplayer game from a savefile
Corrected received sum of money by UK in Lend Lease event
Countries annexed will no longer count towards espionage priorities
Treaties with start date set after the scenario date will be ignored
Fixed misaligned "send to escorts" button for destroyers if they have a modded attachment limit higher than 1
Further AI leader assignment improvements
Leader promotion is now FREE!
AI now properly promotes leaders on the spot when needed
Germany AI places more emphasis on mobile units
Naval AI now only selects Destroyers and Escort Carriers for ASW missions

Developed by BL-Logic, a development studio made up by fans of the Hearts of Iron series and active member of the modding community, Arsenal of Democracy is the ultimate World War II simulation and is described by Project Leader Lennart Berg as “Hearts of Iron II on steroids!”

Describing the idea and process behind the creation of Arsenal of Democracy, Berg goes on to say, “During the years of the Hearts of iron II lifecycle, I made a list of improvements in the forums and these became the guidelines to the new game. So we went ahead and implemented these along with many more ideas until we had pretty much replaced and enhanced everything from the original. The end result, in our very humble opinion, is the ultimate World War II simulation.”

Johan Andersson, Executive Producer at Paradox Interactive, said of the game, “Arsenal of Democracy is proof of what happens when a group of dedicated individuals plays something for years and years – in this case, Hearts of Iron II – and then has the opportunity to add their own ideas, their own features—in order improve it… It’s a true labor of love.”

Key Features

  • Rewrite history at the helm of any nation during World War II in a variety of other scenarios in single-player or multiplayer modes
  • Topple your enemies using advanced combat mechanics on land, in the air and at sea, based on historical research and the work of military theorists
  • Master the most detailed and flexible economic and production systems found in any Hearts of Iron game
  • Keep your war efforts operating smoothly with a realistic logistics and trading subsystem
  • Engage in espionage, intelligence, diplomacy and global trade to give your nation a decisive edge
  • Determine your country’s National Identity, Social Policy and Ethnic Culture
  • Create your own campaigns, units, countries, minister traits, national ideas and more with extensive mod capabilities
  • Experience classic Hearts of Iron gameplay improved with a fine-tuned technology tree, better game balance, advanced statistics and polished graphics

Arsenal of Democracy will be available via all major digital distributors, including Direct2Drive, GamersGate and Steam for $19.99.

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