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Platform(s): PSP
Genre: Hardware
Publisher: Sony
Developer: Sony

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PSP Go Not Going Anywhere, Discontinued

by Rainier on April 20, 2011 @ 1:42 p.m. PDT

Created with portable, pocket-sized gaming in mind, the PSPgo comes with 16GB of internal flash memory.

Japanese site AV Watch has received a statement from Sony that the company is now focusing production on their upcoming NGP handheld and will sell out of its current PSP Go stock and no longer manufacture the portable console which launched less than 2 years ago.

People that still have the older PSP-3000 model should not fear, Sony will keep on supporting & manufacturing it, "It will continue to be sold, and we will keep focusing our attention on it from here on out," said the company.

To help you start filling up just some of that storage space, Sony is pleased to announce the arrival of “minis”, a new category of bite-sized, snackable entertainment that offers easy access into the world of PSP. Created by innovative developers from all over the world, the “minis” category includes a wide range of titles, from arcade racers to games that simply defy categorisation. Available exclusively from PlayStation Store, “minis” will have a 100MB size limit, ensuring they are quick and easy to download. And, with initial releases priced between €2.99 and €4.99, “minis” offer a simple entry into the world of PSP, at price points that are easy on the wallet.

Whether you own a PSPgo or any other PSP model, PlayStation Store is your destination for digital content. You can connect to PlayStation Store directly from your PSP (via wifi), by pc (using the Media Go application) or using a PlayStation 3. Whichever route you choose, you can access a wide variety of content, with over 500 digital assets currently available including 185 games, featuring some of the best selling titles to date – with more added every week. The PlayStation Store is also the place to go for exclusive promotions – special offers will be available on a regular basis, including some great deals on those hard to find back catalogue titles that may no longer be available in traditional stores.

You only want one piece of kit in your pocket and PSPgo is it. Take your own games, music, photos and movies on the road. PSPgo is entertainment on the go. And with an ever increasing range of services from Skype to the upcoming Digital Comics and the PlayStation Network video delivery service, plus remote access to your PS3 content, it is entertainment without barriers.

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