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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Lunar Workshop
Developer: Lunar Workshop

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'Digitanks' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on April 3, 2011 @ 4:15 a.m. PDT

Digitanks is a turn-based artillery strategy game that modernizes the artillery genre with a strategy aspect in a 3D environment. Tactical thinking is crucial as the player controls anything from a single unit to a large fleet of tanks. Play offline skirmishes or online battles against your friends, or enemies.

Get the Digitanks Demo off WP (30mb)

The Digizens of Digiville were happy and content.
They ate in tiny bits and bytes and always paid their rent.
They shared every Electronode and Data Wells were free,
But that’s not very interesting, as you’re about to see.

One day the shortest Digizen in all the Digiverse
He cried, “U nubs OLOL i h4x j0ur m3g4hu|2tz!”
The Digizens of Digiville just laughed and said, “That’s great!”
“You’re way too short and you’re just trying to overcompensate!”

Our little man was not so pleased, retreating to his lair
He powered up his Trolling Rage Machine with utmost flair.
It sputtered up to life with a cacophony of clanks
And shortly then thereafter it began to spit out tanks.

The Digizens were sleeping when there came a sudden chill
And when they woke there was no longer any Digiville.
It’s up to you now! You must act before it gets much worse,
And while you’re there, why not conquer the whole damn Digiverse?



Mobile defensive units with the ability to fortify, with strong frontal shields. After fortifying, they slowly gain defensive and offensive bonuses over five turns.

Strategies – Their shields are much more effective from the front, so keep them facing the enemy at all times. Use them early in the game to grab territory, claiming those all-important electronodes in the center of the map as your own. Find a good defensive position and stay fortified — mobilizing causes them to lose their advantage.


These hardy tanks are the backbone of your fleet. While more expensive to make than the Resistors, their offensive power is formidable.

Strategies – Create task forces of two or three tanks. Focus on the weak points of your enemy’s base, things he has left weakly defended. Punch through the enemy defenses and force an opening, to bring your fleet in through the opened floodgates.


Speak softly and carry a formidable stick with these long-range artillery units. They must be deployed before use and their visibility is limited, but they do incredible damage to enemy shields.

Strategies – Artillery is most effective against enemy shields, and not as effective against tank hulls and structures. Use them to soften an enemy position before your tanks roll in. Those fortified enemy Resistors will be much less dangerous without their shields. Artillery can’t see as far as they can shoot, so be sure to use your Digitanks as spotters.



The CPU is the center of your operations and the objective of the game. Use it to build other structures. You must destroy the enemy CPU while keeping yours safe.

Strategies – Having a well-updated CPU early in the game is essential, but you won’t be able to install every update you download so be sure to choose a good balance. Early in the game, CPU updates are the only way to gain more fleet points and power, so don’t neglect your updates.


Buffers are a smaller type of Buffer that the player begins the game with. They can’t be updated like Buffers can and their Networks are smaller, but they are much cheaper to build. Once Macro-Buffers have been downloaded, Buffers can be upgraded to Macro-Buffers.

Strategies – This early-game structure can be used to quickly expand out into the center of the map and provide you access to the Electronodes there. However, when you start running out of fleet supply points, it’ll be time to upgrade to Macro-Buffers.


Macro-Buffers are special structures that let you expand your territory by spreading your Network. Any friendly units inside your Network get combat bonuses, and new structures can only be built on your Network. Macro-Buffers must be downloaded from the Updates Grid before they can be built.

Strategies – Since any friendly unit inside a network is provided combat bonuses, building Macro-Buffers just about anywhere is always a good thing. Constructing Macro-Buffers in the battle zones can give your units the combat advantage. Just make sure to keep them up to date with the latest combat buffs downloaded from the Updates Grid.


Capacitors are like PSU’s, but smaller and much faster to build. They don’t have to be downloaded from the Updates Grid and are available from the beginning of the game, but don’t supply as much Power as PSU’s. Once PSU’s have been downloaded, Capacitors can be upgraded to PSU’s.

Strategies – In the early game, PSU’s are a bit too expensive, so building Capacitors is a great holdover.

Power Supply Units

Power Supply Units (or PSU’s) are important structures that provide your base with Power, the most basic currency for constructing buildings and producing units. They must be build on top of an Electronode and can withstand a good bit of damage, but take a while to build. PSU’s must be downloaded from the Updates Grid before they can be built.

Strategies – If you see an Electronode, build a PSU. Let no Electronode go unclaimed.

Unit Loaders

Many different types of loaders are specialized for producing different types of digitanks. Updates can be installed on these loaders to improve any tanks that are produced from them, including extra shields, increased attack power, greater movement speed, higher maximum health and longer range, but each update installed results in a small increase in the production power required to produce a unit.

Strategies – Loaders can be expensive to build but are essential for the construction of your tank fleets. Be careful though, it’s easy to chew through fleet supply points without enough Macro-Buffers. Keep your loaders up to date with the latest updates downloaded from the Updates Grid, or your units will become weaker than the enemy’s.

Game Modes

Artillery mode – This is a fast free-for-all game mode that harkens back to the artillery games of old. You control a small number of tanks while you do battle with up to 7 other opponents. There’s no CPU in this mode and you’ll get no more tanks if you lose any. Tank energy is very important, as a single tank can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Pay close attention to your tanks shields and hull points.

Strategy mode – Strategy mode is a much longer game, it can take hours to play a single match. In this mode you have a CPU and must produce structures and download updates from the Updates Grid. You’ll have to build your base and construct your fleet. The object of the game is to destroy the enemy CPU.

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