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Wasteland Angel

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Meridian4
Developer: Octane Games
Release Date: Summer 2011

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'Wasteland Angel' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on May 17, 2011 @ 5:41 p.m. PDT

Wasteland Angel is a nostalgic throw-back to the era of vintage arcade shooters where players fend off waves of enemies and ultimately face-off against epic end-level bosses.

Outfitted with a heavily armored car, unlimited firepower and a thirst for vengeance, Wasteland Angel is on a mission to defend those that can’t defend themselves.

“Classic shooter gameplay personified, Wasteland Angel puts a fun twist on the top-down action that had us pumping an endless stream of quarters into our favorite coin-ops back in the arcade days,” said Steve Milburn, Marketing Director of Meridian4.  “This summer, everyone can relive or experience for the first time the gameplay elements that gave birth to a whole generation of gamers.”

Wasteland Angel takes place after World War III where most of the world’s population has been wiped out and the ones that survived were the unlucky ones.  Now, survivors live in constant fear of being murdered or enslaved by violent gangs, renegade military units and horrific mutants.

But out amongst the gangs and mutants roams our heroine – the Wasteland Angel cruises the radioactive deserts in her turbo-charged vehicle, traveling from town to town to eliminate those that prey on the weak.  From a top-down isometric view, players pilot the Wasteland Angel’s overpowered vehicle as its dual machine guns cut a swath across the terrain.  To handle whatever the gangs, muties and renegades throws her way, Wasteland Angel has upgradeable ammo that can rip enemies from this life and toss them into the next.

Key Features:

  • 24 Levels
  • 3 Enemy Factions including Gangers, Renegades and Mutants
  • 12 Enemy types
  • 6 unique locations
  • 4 Difficulty Levels
  • Online Scoreboards for each Difficulty Level
  • Star ratings for all levels

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