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Black Prophecy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gamigo
Developer: Reakktor Media

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'Black Prophecy' Content Update Adds New Missions, Features And More

by Rainier on May 26, 2011 @ 2:12 p.m. PDT

Black Prophecy is an Action-MMO where you will not only be fighting epic multiplayer battles and fulfilling exciting single-player missions, but also experience a fascinating story from the pen of prize-winning German science-fiction author Michael Marrak.

By the mid 26th century humanity has conquered the universe and colonized countless planets. Yet life in space requires a great deal of adaptation. Bred for just these conditions, the cybernetically adapted Tyi and the biogenetically optimized Geniden have outgrown their creators to become the new ruling races. Their uncompromising battle for total mastery of space leads humanity into the sphere of influence of an ancient alien life form – a life form which tolerates no other cosmic civilizations but its own. In this battle against an overpowering enemy, players must first choose which of the two rival factions they wish to join as they try to save humanity.

The fascinating science-fiction universe from “Black Prophecy” will present players a complex online universe featuring cinema-quality space battles. A universe in which they fly their spacecraft alone, as a clan member or as part of a fleet as they fight political battles and prove themselves in the fight against extinction at the hands of the aliens. The search for their home world and the answer to their dark secret soon becomes a race to save all the races of mankind.

In addition to many roll-playing game elements and a comprehensive resource-management system the tactically demanding “Black Prophecy” also offers a tremendous depth of play and spectacular deep-space action for the PC.

The monthly update for the space action MMOG Black Prophecy has been released as planned by gamigo and Reakktor Media. It contains a number of new missions as well as improvements to clans and looting.


The following missions have been implemented throughout the game world:

  • "Opening new markets", Babylon Health Club, Level 18, Tyi + Genide
  • "Preparing the attack", Heaven's Gate, Level 28, Genide
  • "War as a service", Bara Kaitos Hub, Level 27, Tyi + Genide
  • "Genetic engineering? No thank you!", Caldeena Tyi Hub, Level 35, Tyi
  • "End of the recession", Caldeena Genide Hub, Level 36, Genide
  • "Unwelcome intruders", Gyoda Nebula Hub, Level 31, Genide
  • "Every delay helps", Geneera Panorama View, Level 26, Tyi
  • "Looking for Col. A. Stantyn", Geneera Panorama View, Level 28, Tyi
  • "Development assistance", Dozer Dickens Hub, Level 34, Tyi + Genide
  • "Keep it together, Gillvray!", Dozer Dickens Hub, Level 34, Tyi + Genide
  • Increased overall count of resource missions and increased the amount of level 10 and level 20 resource missions available
  • NPCs in resource missions might appear more suddenly now when a producing mission is not challenged within a given time.
  • Fixed issue with resource missions where a clan could fail the mission but still own the resource node.
  • Fixed error messages related to clan creation actions.
  • Changed behavior of Loot and Loot-All keys: They now loot the nearest lootable wreck; it is no longer needed to select the wreck first.
  • Jobs involving killing, interacting, scanning and delivering can now be done in a team.
  • Fixed issues with item value calculation for drones, turrets and transporters. These types of NPCs should now have more durability overall.
  • Commander Noah has a new Job available which can only be completed in a dynamic mission
  • Fixed some incorrectly aligned lines in item tooltips.
  • Removed some unneeded values in weapon mod tooltips.
  • The engine sound for transporters is now correctly removed when the transporter is destroyed.
  • The sound effects of the Vulcan cannons are now correctly removed when the fighter using them is destroyed.
  • Fixed a rare bug that blocked character names during character creation.
  • Fixed an incorrect error message when using a character card while one is already active.
  • Feedback messages for unusable items improved in general.
  • Constructor duration update improved, the bar shouldn't jump around as much.
  • Fixed a bug that caused blueprint results to change after every jump.
  • Fixed "You have left your team" message on disconnect if player isn't in a team.
  • The Genide clan station hangar module is now visually upgradeable beyond level 3

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