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Dhaila's Adventures

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Wild Games Studio
Release Date: Oct. 2011

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'Dhaila's Adventures' (ALL) Is Expanding And Recruiting, Reveals 'World Circus'

by Rainier on May 26, 2011 @ 2:57 p.m. PDT

Dhaila's Adventures is an open-ended third person RPG/Adventure game featuring Dhaila, a young fairy whose powers are bound to nature. The game will rely on gameplay taking place in an open world where the player will update the origins of Dhaila and help fulfill her destiny.

Featuring Dhaila, a young fairy whose powers are bound to nature, the game will rely on gameplay taking place in an open world where the player will update the origins of Dhaila and help fulfill her destiny. In addition to the main quest, Dhaila could fill hundreds of side quests depending on the choices and actions proposed. Puzzles and large dungeons filled with traps and monsters will be part of her adventure to enhance the gameplay. Furthermore, Dhaila will be accompanied with a friend that can be controlled by another player to help Dhaila during certain puzzles through teamwork.

Orphan, Dhaila possesses unknown extraordinary powers. She has special skills, including one which can absorb the energy of nature directly through its DNA. She can also absorb the DNA of other creatures, making the heroin able to acquire their shape at any time. Living in one of these valleys, the village seems protected by an unknown magical force, more powerful than in other villages. Dhaila will leave to research her origins, while trying to release Martania of the influence of Dysan.

The story is set in the fantasy world of Martania.  Dysan the tyrant forced the people into submission and forced them to work through the influence he has over all the dragons of the place. Extracting from Dysan the precious stones of the mines to enhance his magical skills, the people are unwillingly witnessing the gain of magical powers of the tyrant. The resistance have more difficulty to protect their valleys from Dysan dragons. Here Dhaila comes into scene.

Wild Games Studio are pleased to announce the expansion of its business, and will move into a new workspace 5 times greater in July. Therefore, it is currently looking for 35 new employees to fill positions in various departments before the month of July.

Now Wild Games Studio has the logistic capacity and experience to create games for other companies, such as popular IP, and invite companies interested in having more information to contact them.

In addition, Wild Games Studio will complete its first AAA game "Dhaila's Adventures" in October, and will thus begin the creation of our new license AAA "World Circus" for which it will present a premiere at E3 and will need 15 additional employees. Which will lead Wild Games Studio to a team of about 65 employees for next fall.

Key Features:

  • Dhaila can drain the DNA of all living beings in the game, which will be an opportunity for the player to become more than a hundred characters, animals and monsters.
  • Dhaila’s Adventures is an adventure RPG. So you can advance each of the characters that you drained. In addition, you will have a main quest and more than a hundred sub quest.
  • You need to solve many puzzles to progress in the game
  • Dhaila be accompanied by a faithful friend who can help throughout the game and also providing an opportunity to be controlled by another person for a coop.
  • Dhaila’s Adventures offers a completely new approach. Each player may at any time calibrate the level of difficulty. The difficulty system is integrated into the gameplay throughout the game.

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