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Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes

Platform(s): PC, Wii
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Silent Dreams
Release Date: Dec. 2009

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'Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes' (ALL) v1.2.0.4 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on May 27, 2011 @ 8:01 a.m. PDT

Fans of role playing and strategic games, who are interested in and RPG with round based fighting systems, should keep the name Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes in mind.

Get the Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes v1.2.0.4 Patch off WP (420mb)

Patch Log:


  • correct shadows in the forward rendering system
  • fixed shadow flickering
  • fixed animation problems in forward rendering mode and multicore cpus


New features

  • New optional deferred rendering system with day night cycle, screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO), depth of field, rim lighting, unlimited dynamic lights, etc...
  • Combat GUI: new damage font effect
  • Diagonal movement and combat now possible
  • Roaming characters
  • Normal maps, specular maps and parallax maps
  • New GUI elements
  • New sound effects
  • Added torches
  • New vegetation modelsNew screen effect seen on critical hits


  • Some SSAO performance optimization
  • Conversation GUI: game text speed slider affects text fade-in speed
  • Conversation GUI: raised LMB press fade speed by factor 10
  • Conversation GUI: correct behavior with LMB if text has been fully faded in
  • Conversation GUI: correct behavior of mouse wheel when conversation dialog windows are active
  • Many improved camera systems with additional options in game
  • Improved navigation (character avoidance, ground slope affects acceleration)
  • Improved performance
  • Improved terrain textures
  • Increased global games peed by 20%
  • Removed the quick talk button
  • Improved grid fadingImprovements to the English text


  • Invisible Mandy if killed during the first fight before she entered the party
  • Disabled entity slider
  • Conversation GUI: invisible characters
  • A rare problem where characters have been assigned wrong grid cells
  • Memory leak that caused items not to be cleaned up after loading a save game
  • Indoor levels are now cached out
  • A selection particle rotation problem
  • A GUI problem with special attacks and right mouse button
  • A rare crash in the event system
  • An AI problem with characters being both in seduced and berserk states
  • On occasion the dialog system would freeze if it focused on a dead NPC
  • Some items overlapped in the inventory system
  • Added a tool in the root game directory to help bypass the config tool for those experiencing problemsMany minor fixes


  • optimized english language texts
  • trinigy vision engine update to 7.6.24, may improve stability (depends on DirecX SDK February 2010, you may need a local directx update)
  • optional code for positioning hardware cursor (better results on lower framerates)
  • performance improvements in quest- and dialog-system (fixes cyclic fps drops)
  • config tool: added background music
  • config tool: added windowed option
  • config tool: added disable intro-videos option
  • config tool: removed tahoma font dependancy (fixes a crash on some machines)
  • fixed a bug where pressing escape in the option menu the first time would mess up the menu system
  • clamped the mouse speed to 0.1 (thus the cursor does not freeze any more if you set the slider all to the left :) )
  • more error outputs if the gfx hardware does not meet the requirements
  • charmed chars are auto-uncharmed if game goes into explore mode (fixes misc potential quest deadlocks)
  • camera: iso move speed has been increased
  • camera: height angles have been changed to avoid level collisions
  • necessary release files are now copied into the related MyDocuments folders (write access is required, otherwise an error occurs)
  • alternate improved exception handling with the option to send debug reports anonymously
  • fixed a bug where you could not attack anymore after a levelup
  • fixed a bug where the conversation would not continue if the related partners were out of processing range
  • changed chocochicks fraction to friendly in order to avoid some movement deadlocks
  • changed fraction of three soldiers in riverwind in order to avoid a movement deadlock situation
  • dawnclaude is set to invisible before he joins the party (otherwise it was possible to kill him in advance)
  • fixed a tooltip for dawnclaude not showing up
  • added cheats (tba later)


Installer / Aktivierung:

-Installationsverbesserungen / Verbesserungen der Serialeingabe, Groß/Kleinschreibung O/0, Bindestriche wird nun alles komfortabel automatisiert.

-Das Spiel lässt sich auch ohne Configtool starten.


- neu: Hardware Cursor
- verbessertes picken von kleinen Lootitems
- Charaktersteuerung und Kollision über WASD verbessert,
- Fix: AI Crash
- Fix: Potentieller Questblocker beim Kampf auf dem Friedhof
- Fix: Rechte/Linke Maustastenprobleme z.b. beim Kampf
- Fix: ALT-TAB
- Fix: Video Render Optimierung
- Fix: Gegenstände konnten auf bestimmte Weise kostenlos gekauft werden.



- Behoben: Diverse Fehler, die zum Einfrieren oder Abstürzen des Spieles führten
- ConfigTool: Es wurde ein Problem behoben, das manche gültige Keys als ungültigt eingestuft wurden
- Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, in dem das Dialogsystem durcheinander kam, wenn das Menü im Dialog geöffnet wurde
- Behoben: Diverses Einfrieren des Spieles nach Levelwechsel (zu viele Spieledaten waren geöffnet)
- Potenzieller Blocker bei Holys Obsession durch Schlaf gefixt
- Es wurde ein Problem behoben, in dem Netzwerkkarten unter gewissen Umständen nicht erkannt wurden
- Es wurde ein Problem behoben, dass die Maus nach dem Überspringen der ersten Credits nicht mehr reagierte
- Die Performance wurde optimiert
- Änderung: Speichern in Dialogen ist nun untersagt (brachte das Dialog- & Questsystem durcheinander)
- Geändert: Schnellspeichern ist nun auch auf schwer erlaubt


- Neue/Verbesserte Beleuchtung und Postrender für die meisten Level
- Rukels Skill 2 (Schlaf) ist nun korrekt nicht mehr auf Elite benutzbar
- Einige Questblocker auf dem Friedhof wurden behoben (Ed, fehlende Schädel...)
- Etliche kleinere Fehler wurden behoben (8 fehlerhafte Gridzellen)
- Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, dass der Brunnen in Westwind nicht sichtbar war
- Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, dass 3 Spinnen im Spiel nicht auf sichtbar geschaltet wurden
- Farben und Kontrast des Ladebildschirms wurde verbessert
- Der Schwierigkeitsgrad "schwer" wurde angehoben
- Turmtextur gefixt
- Diverse fliegende Bäume behoben
- Ein Gegenstand außerhalb der Plünderreichweite wurde gefixt
- Balancing Map 3.3 (Riverwind Teil III) angepasst
- Einige neue, plünderbare Heiltränke
- Texturflimmern von diversen Baum- und Bodentexturen wurde entfernt / verringert
- Diverse Plünderpartikel wurden korrekt hinzugefügt
- East trägt nun sein Tattoo auf dem Arm
- Der Alchemist hat nun MipMaps (Schultern)
- Der Schließen-Knopf der Benutzeroberfläche wurde aufgehellt, damit er besser zu erkennen ist
- Diverse Detailverbesserungen (Wasser, Vegetation)



- fixed: game freeze and potential crashes ...
- config tool: fixed a problem with some activations keys not being recognized as valid
- fixed a bug where the dialog system could mess up if the menu was open- fixed: game freeze which could occur after many leveljumps (too many files were open)
- fixed a potential quest blocker with holys sleep obsession
- fixed a problem that a valid network card would not be detected in some circumstances
- fixed a problem with the mouse not reacting any more after the first credits if the user skipped all dialogs very fast
- misc performance optimisations
- changed: saving during dialogs is disabled now (could mess up the dialog/quest system)
- changed: quicksave is now allowed in hard mode


- new lightmaps and postrender effects for most levels
- rukel skill2 does not put elite npcs to sleep any more
- some quest blocker fixes for the graveyard (ed, missing skulls)
- fixed monior glitches (8 wrong gridcells)
- fixed a bug that the well in westwind was not visible
- fixed a minor bug, that 3 spiders where hidden in the game and not set to visible
- loadingscreen with more contrast and colors
- increased gamedifficulty on hard mode
- fixed towertextures
- fixed misc flying trees
- fixed an item out of looting range
- fixed balancing map 3.3
- misc new lootable healing potions
- removed textures aliasing artefacts for misc ground and tree textures
- added misc missing loot particles
- added east tattoo
- added alchemist mips (shoulders)
- closebutton of UI dialogs is now brighter
- misc detail improvements (vegetation, water)

The young recruit Drake failed at the military academy exam. He was refused to fight for his proud kingdom Glory.

Humiliated and frustrated he wants to end his life by jumping into the throat of brutal mushrooms. But then he learns that he's not the only one disappointed and that there are others who can't go on with their lives. He comes across the last depressed remains of the kingdom's army which return badly injured from an all or nothing battle. The very battle Drake couldn't fight in.

One of the survivors is the most popular hero of all mankind: Holy Avatar. The arrogant knight in shiny armor tells you how a suddenly appearing sect crushed the whole kingdoms' army.

The land Glory is overrun by creatures of the Dark Church and what's even worse, HE, the mighty Holy Avatar, was beaten the first time in his life.

Now it is on YOU, Drake, to recruit a force and fight off the Dark Church before the population learns about the defeat and runs scared. However, all the land's heroic men are deadly injured or already dead. Only the most dubious and criminal creatures are left, deeply hidden in the high security dungeons.

Well... and there still are the most evil creatures of all: WOMEN!

Yet they have no choice if they want to rescue the land from the Dark Church's fanatic claws. Established are the Evil Heroes!

Key Features:

  • Round based, strategic fights with the funniest animation which could ever be seen in the RPG genre.
  • In the fantasy world of Grotesque, there are beautiful woods and villages as well as dark dungeons ready for exploration.
  • An ironic, deep and atmospheric storyline from which RPG fans will still sing ballads in a thousand years.
  • Big, detailed and bad‑tempered boss monsters.
  • The tactical RPG genre is given a brand new face thanks to amusing multiple‑choice conversations and dialogue riddles in Monkey Island‑style.
  • Classic RPG elements: solving storyintensive quests, searching treasures, trading, level and power up your party members.
  • Distinctive party members such as the arrogant hero Holy Avatar, the blood‑thirsty vampire Solithaire and the sweet but irritable angel Angelina.
  • It's possible to rescue half‑naked virgins from the claws of evil monsters who will follow you as groupie‑pets after the battle.
  • Every Evil Hero has its own, distinctive tic such as irascibility, telling endless and boring hero‑storys or abnormal jealousy. However, this negative attributes could also be used in a positive way in battles if the chosen one acts cleverly....

Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes is an ironical, story intensive fantasy RPG with tactical elements. It's comparable with tactical RPGs like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, Shining Force  or Disgaea. On PC the tactical genre is virgin soil. Some features can be found in tactical games like Heroes of Might & Magic, Jagged Alliance, Warlords or Kings Bounty.

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