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White Knight Chronicles II

Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: D3Publisher
Developer: Level-5
Release Date: Sept. 13, 2011 (US), June 8, 2011 (EU)

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'White Knight Chronicles II' (PS3) Introduces The Incorruptus - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on May 31, 2011 @ 3:00 a.m. PDT

White Knight Chronicles II is a fantasy role-playing game that seamlessly blends the interactive multiplayer co-op experience with the cinematic storytelling of a single-player RPG.

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White Knight Chronicles II is enhanced with stunning graphics, over 400 weapon and armor choices, and new fan-requested features.  Players can now create an Incorruptus (a unique knight) for their own avatar and use it during online multiplayer quests for the first time ever.  The upgraded Incorruptus customization system along with the additional new skill types and spells makes the character creation and strategy more diverse.

White Knight Chronicles II returns players to Balandor, a magic-infused kingdom of fantasy, swordplay and myth.   Players will follow the adventurer Leonard on a brand new voyage set one year from his original journey, and master an enhanced, more dynamic combat system.  Players will experience an RPG game that incorporates a variety of robust online gameplay elements with many quests, utilizing an active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels.  

Incorruptus Descriptions

  • The White Knight holds the power of Wizel, the White Hero. Its armor is pure white and it wields a sword as its primary weapon.
  • The Black Knight holds the power of Dinivas, the Black-Winged Terror. Capable of flight, its armor has a bird-like head and wings, and it uses a sword as its primary weapon.
  • The Dragon Knight holds the power of Larvayne, the Red-Winged Dragon. Its armor has two massive wings that allow it to fly, and it carries a spear as its main weapon.
  • The Sun King holds the power of the Sun King, Adolmaea. Covered in gold armor, this knight brandishes a double-edged spear as its main weapon. It specializes in fire attacks and can summon its own defensive force shield.
  • The Moon Maiden holds the power of Luthia, the Silvery Goddess. The only female shaped knight, it uses a bow as its primary weapon. This knight is special as it holds elemental magic and healing powers that the other knights do not possess.

Key Features: 

  • Single and Multiplayer Immersion – Battle evil forces while taking characters from your single player campaign into a expansive multiplayer gaming experience with up to six other players online.
  • Remastered White Knight Chronicles International Edition Included – Play the heroic storyline ofthe sequel and have the option to journey through the bonus remastered original totaling over 100 hours of gameplay.
  • Fan-Requested New Features – Improved gameplay mechanics that fans demanded including, for the first time, the ability to create and customize your very own Incorruptus (a unique knight) and an enhanced battle system that makes battles faster paced and dynamic.
  • Wide Variety of Weapon and Armor Customization Options – Players can create their own unique combat style with more than 400 new armor and weapon choices. 
  • New Skills and Spells – Abilities to select skills and spells such as charge attacks, dash attacks and dual wielding weapons, provide additional distinct character types.
  • Expansive New Online Mode – A massive online mode extends the gameplay beyond the story of the game with up to six players on new quests and challenges.

As a bonus, every copy of White Knight Chronicles II will also include a complete and remastered version of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, providing over 100 hours of exciting gameplay in one package. 

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