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Frozen Synapse

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Matrix Games
Developer: Mode 7 Games
Release Date: May 26, 2011

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'Frozen Synapse' Adds Single-Player Campaign - Screens

by Rainier on May 5, 2011 @ 2:48 a.m. PDT

Frozen Synapse is a top-down simultaneous-turn-based tactical game set in the near-future, that focuses on knife-edge tactical decisions: matches between opposing squads are quick, intense battles of wits rather than slow-burn strategic epics.

Gameplay in Frozen Synapse focuses on knife-edge tactical decisions: matches between opposing squads are quick, intense battles of wits rather than slow-burn strategic epics. The emphasis is on tactical competence rather than memorising unit trees or hoarding resources. We're calling it"bite-sized hardcore strategy" because we think that sounds fantastic.

You've patched into the enemy's security system: now prepare to make your plan. Frozen Synapse is a simultaneous turn-based game set in the near-future. Both multi-player and single-player game modes will be available, with the emphasis on instant tactical gratification and outwitting your opponent. An atmospheric top-down view of your squad will enable you to craft the perfect strategy and then watch with unfettered glee as your small men wreak unspeakable trauma upon other small men once you hit the "execute" button.

“We always wanted Frozen Synapse to have a big single player component. This was inherently daft, given the fact that we're a very small team, but we've done it now. We're very pleased with the results!” ejaculated Joint Managing Director Paul Taylor, quotably.

The single player campaign features missions where you escort VIP's, assassinate nefarious scientists, rob banks, conduct honey-trap operations and defend confused philosophers, among other things. There are 55 glorious missions in total.

Bullet points for fun and profit:

  • The game is set in a near-future city named Markov Geist; various factions vie for power there, from the corporate behemoth Enyo:Nomad to the dangerous cultists of the Blue Sunlight Foundation.
  • Each mission has a defined set of objectives but takes place in a semi-randomly-generated level, so replaying brings unexpected delights
  • Once generated, every iteration of each mission is unlocked, meaning that if a particular random configuration tickles your fancy, you can replay it ad infinitum
  • Every mission has dynamic dialogue which responds to the player's actions
  • New special units, civilians, friendly AI units, laser tripwires (as requested by the community!), unique single player mission types, rapping hackers, an in-game dossier which allows players to delve into the backstory and a full musical soundtrack all feature in the current pre-order version

Key Features:

  • A variety of multiplayer game modes
  • "Every Turn Counts" gameplay - in any given turn power can shift if you make the right tactical decisions
  • Unique scoring technique - see your performance against hundreds of opponents on the same mission
  • Fully destructible terrain - create the perfect cover with a well-placed explosive
To get 30% off the pre-order, all human beings have to do is use the code STANCHER during the order process.
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