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Baseball Mogul 2012

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Sports Mogul Inc.
Developer: Sports Mogul Inc.
Release Date: April 13, 2011

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'Baseball Mogul 2012' v14.0 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on June 15, 2011 @ 9:11 a.m. PDT

Baseball Mogul 2012 takes you beyond trades and free agent signings. From drafting and cultivating talent to handling contract disputes and managing budgets, you’re in control of every aspect of your team - on and off the field.

Get the Baseball Mogul 2012 v14.07 Patch off WP (7mb)

Changes in 14.07:

1) Bug (in 14.00-14.03) fixed that gave artificially high Health Ratings to Historical Players.
2) Historical rookies with '0' Predicted GB% fixed.
3) Some bugs fixed on the Playoffs page incorrectly displaying wild card teams before the season ends.
4) Fixed display problems with Pitching Dialog.
5) Updated the PitchRatings.csv file, to include accurate pitch types for 2011.
6) Updated team attendance figures for 2010.

Changes in 14.04:

1) Randomly generated schedules start in April (not March), if possible.
2) Schedules loaded correctly from previous versions.
3) "Play Until Opening Day" in expansion years no longer jumps from December 31st to March 1st.
4) "Don't Overwrite Stadium" check box added to Stadium Editor for each team.
5) "Shuffle Schedule Template" check box added to League Editor.
6) Bug fixed that interfered with Amateur Draft in expansion years (1961, 1969, 1998, etc.)
7) Bug fixed in Lineup and Dialog interface with first bench player (on non-DH lineups, on teams with fewer than 14 batters on the roster).

With hundreds of improvements to the game engine, interface and artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to do more in less time, without sacrificing the depth and realism of your game play experience.

Choose your favorite team in any season from 1901 to 2011. Or create a fictional league with just a few mouse clicks. Our proprietary physics engine plays out the exact speed and break of every pitch. With detailed stats and ratings for over 17,000 real players, the options are limitless!

Baseball Mogul 2012 is now available for $34.99

New Player Database

 Opening Day Rosters for the 2011 MLB season. Includes updated stats, ratings and contract data for over 2,000 active players (67 per team).
 Updated historical database, including rosters for over 2,300 historical teams and ratings for more than 16,000 historical players.
 Correct MLB schedule added for 2011. Includes support for seasons starting as early as March 1st.
 Hundreds of new player photos, bringing the total to more than 3,700 original photographs.
 New stadium and financial data for every team, and for over 450 cities.
 Many errors fixed in historical database:
o Hall of Fame voting and induction data.
o Incorrect death dates fixed for retired players that haven't died yet.

Improved Play-By-Play Mode

 34 new stadium backgrounds. We were able to license photographs of all current stadiums, and integrate them into Play-By-Play mode.
 Play results and scoring are displayed in the main stadium window, so you don't have to keep reading the play-by-play text just to see what happened.
 Bullpen pitchers can now be used as pinch runners, pinch hitters and defensive substitutes.
 Bench players can be used as relief pitchers. The "Pinch Hitter", "Pinch Runner" and "Relief Pitcher" dialogs now show all players on your major league roster.
 More realistic pitcher fatigue. Pitchers are fatigued by high pitch counts and by throwing on short rest, with extremely realistic results (including visible effects on pitch movement, velocity and location).
 Pitcher fatigue levels are now displayed before each game, and in the bullpen interface, so you don't have to click on each reliever. Additionally, fatigue warnings ("tired"/"very tired") have been added to Play-By-Play Mode, to act as a "pitching coach" that lets you know when a pitcher's effectiveness is dropping.
 Greatly improved realism for "Extra Base Dialog" and runners taking extra bases (or tagging up).
 Multiple runners on the user-controlled team can now tag up on the same play.
Improved Artificial Intelligence
 Improved manager intelligence for intentional walks, sacrifice bunts, etc. (For example, in previous versions players would sometimes lay down a sacrifice bunt in the 9th inning, even when getting on base was a more important priority).
 New algorithms for matching team strategy settings to each team's ballpark and available talent.
 Improved contract negotiation and free agency.
 Improved General Manager logic for building rosters, and assembling lineups and bullpens. More focus put on player quality, and less on recent playing time. More flexibility for using players out of position.
 Improved drafting logic (includes both the Amateur Draft and Fantasy Draft).
 Players no longer retire after minor injuries.
 Computer-controlled teams are better at managing and adjusting their budgets to stay profitable.
 New algorithm for calculating "Health" ratings for historical players. For example, Babe Ruth was being given a low health rating because he didn't play many games per season as a pitcher.
 "Auto-Sort" buttons fixed to provide the same result each time the button is pressed.
 Many algorithms optimized for speed.

Improved Sortable Stats

 New "All Players" option: includes active and retired players in the same window.
 New stats: "GDP", "GIDP", "Pitching Runs", "Pitching Wins", "Defensive Wins", "Reached On Error", "Outfield Assists", "Outfield Double Plays", "Strikeout-to-Walk Ratio", and many more, such as:
o Batting Runs (BR). A player's league-adjusted and stadium-adjusted offensive contribution. Also known as "Batting Runs Above Average" (BRAA). Baseball Mogul calibrates this stat so that the league average in any season is exactly zero.
o Batting Wins (BW). Batting runs, translated to wins. The factor used to convert runs to wins equals the number of runs required to win one extra game, in the current run-scoring environment.
o Wins Above Replacement (WAR). Calculates each player's total contribution to his team's wins. Combines 'Batting Wins', 'Defensive Wins' and 'Pitching Wins',
plus the difference between average performance and a replacement player. Baseball Mogul calculates the replacement value using actual replacement players at each position in the current season. (More information on WAR).
o Defensive Runs (DR). Using weighted values for each defensive play made (or not-made), calculates the number of runs prevented (or allowed) compared to a league average player at each position. This is similar to Ultimate Zone Rating (UZR), but we have changed the name because our methodology is somewhat different (we don't have data from Baseball Info Solutions, so we use the more basic Retrosheet grid).
o Defensive Runs per 150 (DR/150). Defensive Runs prevented/allowed per 150 games played. Similar to "UZR/150".
o Weighted Average (wAVG). A player's league and stadium-adjusted offensive contribution (cf. "Batting Runs"), expressed as a rate stat. This is similar to wOBA, but we have chosen to use the Batting Average scale instead of the On-Base Average scale. The league-average wAVG is set to .260, to allow easy comparison of players from different seasons.
 Sorting algorithm improved. Clicking a column header sorts from best to worst. Clicking it a second time will sort from worst to best. Players that don't qualify for the league lead are filtered out (if the "Qualify Leaders" checkbox is checked).
 'Qualify Leaders' checkbox now works correctly for "Fielding Percentage" and other rate stats.
Improved Box Scores
 Clicking any player name in the box score opens the player's HTML Scouting Report.
 Box scores now show cumulative playoff stats for playoff games. For example, when a player hits his 4th home run of the post-season, the box score reflects the post-season total, just as a traditional newspaper box score would.
 Playoff box scores now show the playoff round and game in which they occur.
 Pitching stats recorded for any batters that are used as pitchers.
 Batting and fielding stats recorded for pitchers used as hitters, runners or defensive players.
 Improved adherence to official rules. For example, a pitcher is only credited with an "appearance" if he throws at least one pitch.
 "Park Factor" added to Stadium Editor, so you can see the values used in calculation of Park-Adjusted stats such as "Batting Runs" and "Wins Above Replacement".

Improved Stats and Feedback

 Calendar Page now includes a button to show "head-to-head" records between teams.
 Overflow fixed in calculation of Fielding Average (for example, players with a "1.030" fielding average have been fixed).
 Triple Crown Award added to player transactions.
 Pitching results now recorded in Scouting Reports for batters used as pitchers.
 Improved grammar in News Stories.
 Improved help files.
 Finances Page now has room for 18 teams per league.
 Bug fixed in code for calculating Projected Revenue.
Note: In online leagues, this fix may lead to small-market teams feeling that they have been "cheated". The underlying revenue code has not changed. Only the code that calculates projections for the current season has changed.
 Bug fixed in code that calculated Peak "Speed" rating in Player Editor.
 Bug fixed so that head-to-head player stats are always displayed in Play-By-Play mode. (In Baseball Mogul 2011, these stats were missing in some situations, like if you saved and resumed in the middle of Play-By-Play mode).

New Simulation Options

 "Successful Extra Base Attempts", "Unsuccessful Extra Base Attempts" and "Innings per Start" added to Simulation Settings Dialog.
 The "Rotation" value is now loaded for each season from the 'Stats.txt' files in the "Input" folder. This is a 3-digit number indicating the average number of days between starts for the league's #1 pitchers. For example, a value of '475' indicates a pitching rotation of 4.7 days. In other words, a 5-man rotation with the #5 starter being skipped about 25% of the time.
 Expense levels no longer change when 'equalized' (and Expenses Dialog changed to match).
 "Hide Overall Ratings" check box added.

New Database Tools

 The option to "unretire" players and bring players back from the dead. An "unretire" button has been added to the Scouting Report for all retired players.
Please note that bringing a player back from the dead can lead to certain side effects such as brain-eating and reduced base-running speed. Unretiring a dead player is not covered by the most recent Collective Bargaining Agreement.
 Hall Of Fame stats added to the Player Editor. Stats such as Induction Year and Hall Of Fame Votes can now be edited for real and/or fictional players.
 "Input Pitch Ratings" and "Output Pitch Ratings" added to Advanced Options Dialogs. Allows you to update the Baseball Mogul pitch database and import those ratings into your baseball universe, without having to create a New Game from scratch.
New Online League Tools
 "Delay League Transactions" option added. With this feature on, team owners will not be allowed to implement trades or free agent signings (unless they know the Commissioner Mode password). Instead, all trade offers and free agent bids are recorded to the team file that is sent to the League Commissioner for each simulation. When the Commissioner imports team files, each trade offer will be implemented if and only if the other team in the trade entered the exact same trade offer. A free agent bid
will be implemented if it is the highest bid for that player.
 In Fantasy Draft, option added to "Skip Computer Draft Picks" (useful for multiplayer draft leagues). The leftover (undrafted) players are placed on computer-controlled teams (which can then be deleted manually if you wish to play in a league with only the drafted players).

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