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Ms. Splosion Man

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: Twisted Pixel Games
Developer: Twisted Pixel Games
Release Date: July 13, 2011

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'Ms. Splosion Man' (X360) Includes Ghost Replay Mode - New Screens

by Rainier on June 16, 2011 @ 12:25 a.m. PDT

Ms. Splosion Man is a 2.5D action/platformer based around the simple concept of 'splosions and the ridiculousness that ensues, featuring up to co-op multiplayer, local and online, a story mode chock full of hilarious cinemas seamlessly integrated into gameplay and epic boss battles.

The E3 2011 show was kicked off with the successful launch of the Ms. Splosion Man Beta program where over 10,000 people flooded the registration site the day it was opened. Twisted Pixel would like to thank all the participants for helping to make Ms. Splosion Man the best it can be!

It was also revealed that Ms. Splosion Man will feature a “ghost replay” option that allows players to race against themselves, or to download and play against recorded replays from the game’s leaderboards. “Watching the ghosts of all the top players lets you see exactly where and how they shave crucial seconds from their times. It’s a great learning tool and a chance to get in with the best of the best,” notes Lead Designer Sean Riley.

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