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Bullet Run

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Developer: Acony
Release Date: Summer 2012

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'Hedone' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on June 2, 2011 @ 1:50 a.m. PDT

Bullet Run is a team-based multiplayer game that puts players in the ultimate reality TV game show, where contestants showcase their deadly talents in the name of fame.

The concept behind the game is simple – pure hedonism! In the world of Hedone, your top priority is personal pleasure, fun and fame. The gamer enters the arena of a combat game show that is aired worldwide, allows themselves to be acclaimed as celebrity, then satisfies his or her craving for personal glory and decadence in a gripping, nerve-wracking atmosphere charged with suspense. Players can transform their character continuously and have a weapons system at their disposal that is constantly improving.

With its various game modes, story and visual depiction, Hedone differs from every other FPS title that has ever been developed. “Hedone is one-of-a-kind and was designed to set itself apart from the mass of military shooters that always involved the same gaming principles and systems,” is how André Herbst, a founding partner at ACONY, describes the new game. “Our ambitious development team is composed of more than 50 games experts from over 12 nations. Together we have created an innovative game that definitely has the potential to revolutionize the online FPS market.”

Hedone was developed by FPS enthusiasts with the vision of offering a product displaying all the quality of a full-price title free of charge. Hedone fulfills all the expectations placed on a next-generation AAA F2P FPS game and features a dedicated client-server environment which ensures that gameplay experience is not compromised. “ACONY intends to create a completely new community experience for FPS gamers worldwide. We are going to implement content updates continuously and integrate additional features that leave our gamers with nothing to be desired. The top priority goes to our users. That’s the only way we can establish ourselves successfully in this market,” says Mario Rizzo, Game Director for Hedone.

Even though the MOFPS “Parabellum” was on everyone’s lips, a difference of opinions between ACONY and the publisher at the time led to the game never being released. Due to the high oversaturation of the market with F2P First-Person Shooters bearing a similar military setting, ACONY ‘bit the bullet’ and decided to shut down “Parabellum” completely.

ACONY brought seasoned experts from the gaming industry on board. Within this short time this committed team developed a revolutionary new concept. The background of Game Director
Mario Rizzo alone speaks for itself. He had previously held management positions for MMO and F2P titles at Electronic Arts Inc., Realtime Worlds Ltd., and at Sony Online Entertainment LLC. Among other capacities, he also bore responsibility for the portfolio management of such AAA titles as “Warhammer Online”, “Star Wars: The Old Republic”, or “FIFA Online”. For Hedone, the next-generation F2P First-Person Shooter, Rizzo has overseen the creative direction and overall development. Other specialists, for instance a new art director and game operations manager, make sure that Hedone meets the highest demands for quality and always has precisely the right ingredients to suit the gaming community’s taste.

“With the experience gained through ‘Parabellum’ boosting our efforts, our team was quickly able to get a new, first-class FPS product on its feet within 14 months,” André Herbst reports. “We can now finally present the public with the result of those months of hard work,” Herbst proudly emphasizes.

Key Features:

Hedone is a completely original IP with different gameplay modes, story and art style from any FPS title on the market. Hedone is developed from the ground up to bring something different to a space crowded with military titles all with the same gameplay and systems.

Hedone was created by FPS enthusiasts with a focus on providing retail quality direct to our consumers for free. Hedone includes everything you expect in a next generation FPS title (such as physics, destructible environments, hi-poly customizable characters, etc…) as well as dedicated client-server environment to guarantee our gameplay experience is not compromised.
Hedone is developed by an experienced team of 50 FPS developers that are dedicated solely to this project. The Acony team intends to create the premiere community destination and content for FPS players worldwide. We will accomplish this with continuous, frequent content updates to add the additional features and balancing that our audience demands.

Hedone is tentatively scheduled for Closed Beta in August. Open Beta is planned for the end of 2011.

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