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DONTNOD Entertainment Developing New Console Title

by Rainier on July 11, 2011 @ 9:14 a.m. PDT

Based in the heart of Paris, French video game newcomer DONTNOD Entertainment is secretly crafting its first original title, a highly confidential production for current generation consoles.

Pioneers of video games, technological innovation, literature and legendary comic books, the founders of French studio DONTNOD Entertainment are making a bold claim: their first title in production will realise the burning ambition of its 70 passionate in-house developers!

Production on the global-scale project has been underway since the creation of the studio in 2008, all to ensure a completely immersive and unique experience. With a scenario created by leading light of French science-fiction, Alain Damasio, and art direction led by the world renowned artist Aleksi Briclot, the title is expected to open up a new realm of possibilities and become a landmark of future game creation on the latest HD platforms. Under the guidance of production, creative and technical directors who have previously worked at Ubisoft, EA and Criterion, the ascendant studio has the odds stacked firmly in its favour.

Staying faithful to the rules of the genre, our action adventure game will include heart-stopping, original gameplay, with powerful narrative sequences carried by innovative and compelling themesreveals Jean-Maxime Moris, creative director of the studio and the visionary behind the project.

The game design is the fundamental backbone of our project. The different development departments are in constant communication to make sure that the artistic vision translates into, facilitates, and fuels the immersion of the player”  underlines Aleksi Briclot.

In a risky and competitive environment for independent video game developers, DONTNOD Entertainment is an exception.

We understand the risks involved in a big budget production, in so much as many are called but few are chosen. While artistic vision, storytelling and game design are the pillars of our project, above all it’s the sum of human talent driven by a shared vision and sound management that will make the difference” concludes Oskar Guilbert, CEO.

On the technology side, the rising star of video games is using ‘Fluidz’, a real-time fluid simulator already recognised for its innovation, alongside the world renowned video game technology Unreal Engine 3.

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