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Pirates of Black Cove

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Nitro Games
Release Date: 2011

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'Pirates Of Black Cove' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on July 13, 2011 @ 12:29 a.m. PDT

Pirates of Black Cove is an RTS with action-RPG elements. Cruise the Caribbean, loot settlements and see if you can become the best pirate on the high seas.

Get the Pirates of Black Cove Demo Off WP (720mb)

In this here Pirates of Black Cove Demo there be 3 missions to conquer, lest he be a lily livered landlubber!

Mission 1 he needs to hunt down that blasted cuttlebone and send her to visit Davy using the special homing rockets. Beware she be fast so ye might wan’ to scope her route and ambush Pirate style!
Mission 2 he will need to visit the mermaid’s labyrinth, but beware they be foxy and wantin’ your seaman! 

Mission 3 after a short visit to the Pirate stronghold and chat with Captain Barrel, he will need to discover the Voodoo Secret! Fear he not we be givin’ ye a fistful of units just in case there be a Black Cove ambush.


  • Collectable like Grog for unit health, tool kits for ship health
  • Collectable such Octopus eyes and the like for the mad alchemist
  • Special homing rockets for your ship
  • crazy connoneers for those fearsome landlubber fights Weapons
  • Ah and there be some light hearted moments to discover from the jokes in a bottle on the world level.


  • As a nifty bonus, demo players get to keep 500 pieces of eight for the full version.
  • During the demo, player gets at least one level up which involves selecting a new skill.

So prepare for the 16th century, the golden era of pirates! This is your chance to conquer the Caribbean, because the Pirates of Black Cove challenge you to roam the open world with your pirate crew. Notoriety and pirate fame brings you closer to your goal to be the King of All Pirates. 

Getting promotions within the pirate brotherhood requires force, daring, guile and even deceit. But be careful, because other pirates will be competing for promotions too. However, bribery, favors and outright assassinations will ensure that you climb the ranks faster. Join infamous pirate strongholds like Port Royal and Tortuga. As you are promoted to higher ranks, you will own, manage and develop parts of the stronghold and entice other captains to join your fleet.

Join, champion, and unite the three pirate factions; Pirates, Corsairs and Buccaneers. Unite the three Pirate factions to gain access to their hero units and ultimately take down the Pirates of Black Cove and become King of all Pirates. Do you have what it takes or are you a weak land lubber?

Key Features:

  • Roam the open World with your Pirate crew and pick up missions as you sail the seas.
  • Notoriety and fame brings you closer to your ultimate goal: to be the King of All Pirates
  • Battle it out with the forces of Black Cove and other colonial  nations on both land and sea
  • Gather infamous pirates to your crew, but be sure to keep them happy or they’ll side with your rivals
  • Select  your character from several different Pirate Captains, each with their own unique skills and features
  • Varied units and weapons allows You to carry out the battles as You see fit

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