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Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Release Date: June 23, 2011

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'Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011' v1.0.4.4 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 29, 2011 @ 12:17 p.m. PDT

Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 features an improved 3D engine that powers the realistic races, while environments boast more varied scenery, landscapes, and tracks than ever before. New cyclist models of various shapes have been designed, reflecting the real-life stature and riding style of each competitor.

Get the Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 [PC] v1.0.4.4 Patch Off WP (105mb)


- Adds display of distance ridden for a race which has already begun.
- Adds a warning message if a game is launched and the player's TCP/UDP ports are not correctly opened for the PCM2011 application.
- Correct problem which prevented Omnium track races to be taken into account by the ladder.
- Adds display of profile of the upcoming stage when a game is loaded in stage mode.

- Corrects problem whereby world champion did not abandon his jersey in season 2.
- Negotiation with a sponsor is no longer possible if the manager has already postponed his answer for one week.
- Corrects various problems concerning the creation of a custom team.
- AI teams will mainly recruit young riders from regions which interest their sponsors.

- fixed: a water carrier follows a team-mate who has just attacked, in order to supply him with water.
- fixed : when nobody wants to relay in a group, player's riders who are have received a "Keep Position" order, ride very slowly.
- fixed: sometimes the peloton slows down for no apparent reason at the end of a race and the breakaway rider(s) win more easily.
- prevent exploit: the player, by assigning a low effort level to a rider under a "Keep Position" order, can block riders behind him.

- Adds the possibility to create a Start List for a race (Options page).
- Correct a possible bug in track race trophies.

- Tour de France update : several adjustments to rider attributes
- Custom databases are now to be found in "\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Database" instead of "\Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2011\Users\xxxxxx\Database"

In a fine mix of management and sports simulation, lead as a sports director one of the official team of the new cycling season. From sponsors to finances, from your cyclists training to negotiation of their contracts, you have all the cards in hand to lead your team to success! Tactics will also be required during the races, where each of your decisions will be important if you wish to win the most prestigious competitions!

Races are more realistic-looking than ever, thanks to the improved 3D engine. New cyclist models have been designed, reflecting the real-life stature and riding style of each competitor. The environments boast more varied scenery, landscapes, and tracks than ever before.

While looks are important, the real meat of the game is still the management aspect, which is now more detailed than ever. The user interface has been streamlined, while still offering more precise interactions with the team’s cyclists and sponsors. Sponsorship management is richer and more in-depth, and each cyclist’s performance during a competition will directly impact their salaries and sponsors' offers. To keep things interesting, the updated AI presents fierce competition with plausible, unpredictable behavior in the pack as well as during breakaways, sprints, and other highlights of the race. The fan-favorite level-editor is back, letting creative players design their dream race! It has been updated with a broad range of new scenery elements and new effects to create races with an even higher level of detail!

With a wide range of new features, tweaks and upgrades, the game still stays faithful to the spirit of the series. Pro Cycling Manager: Tour de France 2011 is sure to please cycling and sports management fans, when it releases.

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