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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Frogster Online Gaming GmbH
Developer: HanbitSoft / Flagship
Release Date: 2011 (US), April 28, 2011 (EU)

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'Mythos' Content Update Opens New Region Filled With Dungeons & Quests

by Rainier on Aug. 31, 2011 @ 9:38 a.m. PDT

Mythos is an online, action RPG that is free to download and free to play. The land of Uld is a fantasy world arising from the ashes of an epoch-long war of darkness. Players assume the roles of fantasy heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest through entirely randomized dungeons and environments.

Mythos is an online, action role-playing game that is free to download and free to play. Set in the land of Uld – a fantasy world arising from the ashes of an epoch-long war of darkness – players assume the roles of fantasy heroes as they explore, adventure, and quest through entirely randomized dungeons and environments. With an elegant point-and-click interface and an accessible "isometric" perspective, Mythos is poised to have near-universal appeal. The game allows thousands of players to interact within the same world while using mostly "instanced" dungeons to create unique gaming experiences suited for both solo and group-minded players.

As players journey into Mythos' ever-expanding universe, they select one of four races (Human, Satyr, Gremlin, or Cyclops) and opt to play as a particular character class using a huge variety of skills and items. Through heroic quests players search for gold, gems, armor, and weapons, while unlocking the secrets of Uld. Mythos presents a constantly expanding, continuously updated world where something new lurks around every corner.

It’s time to sharpen those axes and cock those rifles, for there’s monsters to be slain in the latest region to be added to Mythos; the Fog Island of Horror. As the name suggests, there’s plenty of fog and just a little bit of horror to be found in this mysterious new area, so be sure that you’re prepared before entering the fray. Adventurers can look forward to a slew of new dungeons and additional features including some novel twists to PvE.

Region 4 – The Fog Island of Horror

As if an island isn’t treacherous enough, what with all those cliffs to fall off, without having to deal with lots of fog to make matters worse and those falls all the more likely.  But that’s exactly what players will be dealing with when they set foot on the island.  That wasn’t quite horrifying enough though, especially for an island that’s named as such, so not only is the island foggy, and full of horror, and lots of cliffs, but it’s also ruled by zombies.  Yes, you heard right, zombies. This is unlikely to become a family favourite holiday destination, but for the warriors of Uld, it should tick all the necessary boxes.

The castles of two opposing queens, Vyle and Neperta, can also be found on the island, perfect for some sightseeing in between the carnage, and the evil sovereign, Nerghaal, has sent in his army to subjugate the underworld and ensure there’s enough of the aforementioned carnage to go around.  The underworld ain’t too happy though, so in-between the hack and slash fun please make sure to kill off Nerghall and free them from the dreadful conqueror once and for all.

There are also 23 brand-new dungeons waiting to be explored. Players will be rewarded for their valour with powerful new item sets, plenty of achievements and a level cap increase to 55. Numerous changes in the skill system will also assist them during their campaign against Nerghaal. For instance, the cooldown times of certain skills have been significantly reduced, and effects and damage values have been adjusted. There has been a massive overhaul of the crafting system as well. So from now on, Humans, Gremlins, Satyrs and Cyclopes will be able to put their best face forward – even if it is covered in blood.

The Aura Crystal is Your Friend…

Those who have had their fill of the dark ruler don’t need to sit around twiddling their thumbs. Instead, they can try their hand at the Aura Crystal Defence with up to five other fellow players. During this challenge, adventurers have to keep large waves of monsters from reaching the Aura Crystal. The principle is pretty simple: the more opponents that reach the crystal, the more damage it will receive – until it eventually bursts. If the players manage to protect the crystal for long enough, however, they will be able to get their hands on some rich rewards at the end of the challenge. So raise your swords, get set, go!


  • Hack`n`Slash meets Online Role-Playing
  • Randomly-generated dungeons and items
  • Powerful crafting and item upgrading available
  • Fully-customisable range of four player races and three character classes
  • Challenging single and multiplayer PvP battles
  • Free regular and extensive updates with new game content
  • No monthly fees, free to download

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