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Supreme Ruler: Cold War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Battlegoat Studios
Release Date: July 19, 2011

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'Supreme Ruler: Cold War' v7.1.1 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 5, 2011 @ 10:09 p.m. PDT

In Supreme Ruler: Cold War, players will enter a portrayal of the world in the 1950's based on recent real-world headlines. Battle economic challenges, unstable governments and worldwide tensions in this grand strategy experience.

Get the Supreme Ruler: Cold War v7.1.1 Patch off WP (65mb)

v7.1.1 Patch fixes:

  • Fixed three possible crash situations (No Units Option, Research Tree, and Pathing issue)
  •   Fixed some map and historical data
  •   Some product shortages at start of game eased at normal difficulty level
  •   Regions begin with opening stocks of non-civilian resources (ie Industrial Goods)
  •   US & USSR begin with extra opening stock of Industrial Goods
  •   World Market begins with more stock of goods available for sale
  •   Some improvements/fixes to optional victory conditions
  •   Equipment list and Tech Tree improvements/fixes
  •   Colony improvements
  •   Colony Independence breaks existing treaties properly
  •   Colonies can be forced to accept more types of trades
  • - Proxy in Colonies is now based on Parent Region relations
  • - AI improvements
  • - Parent AI regions more likely to get involved in Colony wars
  •   Making peace with Parent makes peace with Colonies
  •   Improvements/Fixes to Strategic Pool unit commands
  •   Colonies that become independent get facilities online
  •   Sphere victory now requires no "in or LEANING" to other side
  •   Theaters list now shows Theater priority settings
  • Events no longer happen for dead regions
  • Fixed building upgrades in colonies
  • Default game length for Unification & Score games is 50 years
  • Can no longer set spending to negative with minus button
  • Colony sphere changes no longer trigger notices
  • Minor GUI adjustments

As the 1950’s approach, the Korean War looms, the Arms Race intensifies, the Berlin Crisis leads to the formation of NATO, and the world anticipates a new World War.

As leader of the United States or the Soviet Union, you must make the correct Economic, Diplomatic, Domestic and Military decisions to successfully navigate your country through this dangerous historical era and increase your nation’s Sphere of Influence on the world stage.

Key Features:

  • Play as the United States or Soviet Union in Campaign Mode
  • Control any Nation in Post-World War II Era in Sandbox Mode
  • Use Diplomacy, Trade and Espionage to influence the policies of other nations
  • Research new Technologies to give your nation an edge
  • Grow and Modernize your Economy
  • Control Military production and deployment, or let your Ministers take care of the details
  • And when Diplomacy Fails… Sophisticated Real-Time Strategic and Tactical Control of your Military Forces
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound including New 3D Terrain
  • Experience the redesigned GUI with improved On-Map feedback and streamlined controls
  • Up to 16 players in Multiplayer over local network or Internet
Supreme Ruler: Cold War is scheduled for release via digital download for $29,99.
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