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Tank Ace

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Release Date: Early 2010

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'Tank Ace' Goes Open Beta - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 1, 2011 @ 12:19 p.m. PDT

Tank Ace is a free to play third-person shooter game that will feature realistic World War II battlefields and vehicle stats based on actual historical facts. You will be able to choose a historically accurate tank and then customize it by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias.

In this action-packed WWII shooter, players will choose a historically accurate tank and then customize it by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias. Featuring realistic WWII battlefields and historically accurate specifications like realistic recoil action and tank tactics, Tank Ace is all about winning battlefield strategies.

Tank Ace is packed with engaging battles and accurate specifications like realistic recoil action and tank tactics. Players will create their own clans and devise winning strategies as they utilize terrain features, coordinate assaults by using historically accurate tactics and more! Just some of the other gripping features include World War II Factions including Russia, Germany and the U.S.A, easy to pick-up controls and an Area Specific Damage System. In the game, players will lay an ambush, outflank the enemy divisions and charge across the battlefield in the mightiest war machine ever created!

Players can gather up their friends and create their own clan to plan a winning strategy. Cowboys that charge headlong into the fray will be in for a rude awakening if they get picked off by an enemy that they didn't even see. Using terrain features like hills and trees to wait in ambush, players can coordinate an assault with advanced pincer, flanking, and other historically accurate tactics. announced that the open beta test for its WWII tank warfare third person shooter, Tank Ace goes live today at 11 AM PDT. The open beta includes all new content featuring a new achievement system, better graphics, a Power Bunker and much more. Players can join the open beta by visiting the official Tank Ace website.

"We're really excited to release all of this great new content in the open beta, and we're anxious to see our community's feedback, said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing at "We think the players are really going to appreciate the new additions and skills, and we're confident it will take their gameplay experience to a whole new level."

Included in the open beta launch is all-new content including the addition of the Achievement System. Players can earn achievements by meeting specific requirements such as losing their first annihilation game which will give them their "Bitter Taste of Loss" achievement. Earning achievements will award players with in-game currency, experience and maybe even special items!

Players can find refuge in the new Power Bunker where they can fire HE type shells in long range at their enemy. Only available in Occupation War Mode, each bunker has a fixed range and area that it can fire; just open up the map, aim and fire. Additionally, players can now use fully developed artillery attack, air-strike and recon skills for an extra advantage during battles and updated graphics will allow them to enjoy the battlefield better then every before!

Key Features

  • Realistic tanks with historically accurate stats: Customize tanks by adding additional armor, different styles of camouflage, body art, kill marks, and clan insignias.
  • World War II Factions: Players can choose to join one of three different sides from World War II: Russia, Germany, and USA. Each faction gains access to a unique stable of historic tanks, uniforms, and in-game items.
  • Ease of control: Using WASD controls, players will immediately be able to control their tanks. The mouse is used to rotate the turret, aim, and fire. Users can also select various views on the fly, such as the Commander View, Gunner View, Driver View, and Scout View. Each view has its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose the best one for the situation you find yourself in.
  • It's pure tactics! : Gather up your friends and create your best strategy. Call in Air Support to scout out an enemy stronghold and take them out. Use Field Artillery to soften up the opposition. Tired of that barn hiding the enemy approach? Blast it away!
  • Area Specific Damage System: Tanks in Tank Ace have 10 hit areas, each with a different defense rating. Focus on attacking areas with lower defense ratings, or conceal those areas for defensive stances. Just as in real life, the front of the tank is the most highly armored area and the rear is vulnerable. If you really want to stick it to the enemy, send a shell right up their tail pipe

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