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Core Blaze

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gamania Digital Entertainment
Release Date: 2012

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'Core Blaze' Details Gameplay, Liang Qu Boss - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Sept. 21, 2011 @ 11:30 a.m. PDT

Core Blaze, inspired by Eastern mythology, is an epic 3D Eastern Fantasy Action MMORPG utilizing the Unreal Engine 3, offering a structured fantasy world unique in its main and branch leveling design.

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Compared to traditional MMOGs, Core Blaze is highly action-oriented. Players survive using evasive maneuvers and working together to perform coordinated attacks. Core Blaze was developed with gamepad support from the very beginning to accommodate the degree of skill and cooperation required – as there’s no room for mindless button mashing.

Players can freely equip their character with different weapons between battles, allowing them to potentially master each of the four weapon styles: sword and shield, great sword, dual blade, and long bow. This allows teams to strategically adapt to difficult situations. As well, individuals won’t be locked into playing a tank or long range role.

The importance of weapon choice is apparent during the battle with Liang Qu, a panther-shaped monster adept at controlling ice. He quickly moves around using the walls of the cave to initiate attacks from both the ground and air, forcing players to closely watch its movements in order to avoid damage from its sharp claws and freezing breath.

To defeat Liang Qu, players must work together and utilize each weapon’s strengths. While the tank tries to get the monster's attention with sword and shield, dual blade and great sword wielders can attack it from the sides. When Liang Qu jumps into the air, long bow users can unleash ranged attacks. Additionally, some body parts of the monster can be destroyed when using the right weapon. For example, if players destroy Liang Qu's fangs with the great sword, he’ll enter into a deadly berserk mode.

In Core Blaze, adventurers will discover exciting, unpredictable events and experience a world that changes in real-time according to their actions. With many side quests and areas that vary depending on progress, weather, and time, players may face completely different situations in the same location.

As just one example from the demo, two separate parties were given a chance to explore the Forest of Meditation, oneunder sunny conditions and the other in the rain. While it’s sunny, there’s an ominous cave that seems inaccessible. However, the players who began in the rain were able to reach the cave due to the rising river water – pitting them against a new and terrifying monster. Players will find that variables such as weather, time, and even key items such as a hook shot, will constantly offer players something new to discover.

Its free customization alters the core gameplay experience dynamically depending on various factors, such as the player's current level, choice of combat style and weapons, geography and map environment, monsters’ element, and even the weather and time of day. Changing any factor produces a new quest line and outcome, which will change the player's strategy, even when entering the same map at a different time of the day. Players will also find that Core Blaze relies heavily on teamwork. Each instance is designed for teams of up to four players, who will need to instantly react to each other’s combat style in order to achieve the most effective results. However, party modes will allow more than four people to a team.

Core Blaze has more than the typical grind and level system found in most MMORPGs. Players are able to develop their own skills when battling monsters. The combination of the player’s own element, weapons used, geography and weather of the instance, all contribute to the effectiveness of each attack. Instantaneous strikes, attack tempo, angle of attack, and even the compatibility with team members, are critical in achieving success in the game.

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