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Furry Legends

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, Wii
Genre: Casual
Publisher: GameLion Studios
Developer: GameLion Studios
Release Date: 2010

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'Furry Legends' (ALL) Gets NDSi Date

by Rainier on Sept. 28, 2011 @ 12:21 a.m. PDT

In Furry Legends, a casual action and platform game, players take control of unique characters who are best described as a furry ball, each with its unique powers, allowing the player to roll, jump, bounce, attack and perform other various moves with their spherical character. Without going into specifics, Furry Legends developer Gamelion revealed it's coming to new platforms.

Furry Legends for Nintendo DSiWare is a fantasy adventure game based on the same WiiWare game. The environment and puzzles in Furry Legends are driven by real-time physics, featuring moving bridges, falling stones, rotating elevators, and much more. In the Furry Legends world, everything is a bit crazy!

Furry Legends takes place in a distant world called Furland, populated by lovely Furballs created hundreds of years ago by a mysterious deity known as the Creator. Furry Legends lets the player experience the unknown story of a group of Furballs who encountered an invasion of strange triangular beings that came to Furry Planet from another dimension.

Key Features:

  • Four worlds -Explore the world of Furland through 4 varied and detailed environments including the home planet, an evil volcano and mysterious pyramids
  • Action - Furballs will have to fight against loads of evil triangles with different super powers and perform heroic actions like an epic escape from the center of a volcano
  • Real-time physics - Solve puzzles with a new engine allowing physical interaction with Furland’s world

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