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The Marbians

Platform(s): PSP
Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Nordisk Film Games Publishing
Developer: Nordisk Film Games Publishing
Release Date: Fall 2011 (US), Oct. 5, 2011 (EU)

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'The Marbians' (PSP) Coming to PSN

by Rainier on Sept. 30, 2011 @ 4:04 p.m. PDT

The Marbians is a marbles-based puzzle game where players must help little marble-encased aliens back to their ships by flinging them off walls, bumpers, and each other to get past obstacles like bumpers, oil slicks, and trap doors.

The Marbians have crash landed in 1940-era Rosell and now need the help of PlayStation users to safely return to their home planet. Bounce the aliens off walls to get more points, collect moon rocks and find the way back to their UFOs! Find a way past obstacles and challenging puzzles like tricky bumper shots and dangerous oil slicks.

Key Features:

  • Simple but addictive gameplay that will keep players coming back to solve the next puzzle.
  • Take a trip back to the 1940's with retro rock 'n roll tunes and aesthetics!
  • Play The Marbians from the comfort of your couch on the PS3 or take it on the go on your PSP!
  • Overcome challenges that get more and more difficult – from having multiple Marbians in one level, to dealing with oil slicks, bumpers, and many other tricks and traps.

The Marbians will be available as a PlayStation Mini in the PlayStation Store for $3.99.

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