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Platform(s): PlayStation Vita
Genre: Hardware
Publisher: SCEA
Release Date: Feb. 22, 2012

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SCEA And Taco Bell Give Fans A Chance To Win Early Vita Access

by Rainier on Jan. 11, 2012 @ 5:41 p.m. PST

PS Vita incorporates a 5-inch multi-touch organic light emitting diode as the front display and a unique multi-touch pad on the rear. Together with the front touch screen and the rear touch pad, PS Vita offers new game play experiences, allowing users to interact directly with games in three dimension-like motion, through "touch, grab, trace, push and pull" finger motions.

Sony and Taco Bell announced a new "Unlock the Box" promotion to give away one PlayStation Vita for every 15 minutes to consumers beginning January 26, 2012.

Fans will have the chance to win a PS Vita before it becomes available in U.S. stores on February 22, 2012, exclusively through Taco Bell.

"This partnership is the perfect way to deliver PS Vita's game changing technology directly to our passionate fans in the weeks leading up to launch," said Guy Longworth senior vice president of marketing and PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. "We know anticipation around PS Vita in the U.S. is reaching a fever pitch, and we're happy to be working with Taco Bell to give away one PS Vita for every fifteen minutes, ensuring thousands of gamers get their hands on the revolutionary entertainment system before it becomes available in stores."

At participating Taco Bell locations from January 26 through March 11, 2012, Taco Bell and PlayStation fans can "Unlock the Box" for a chance to win a PS Vita. Codes found on Taco Bell's specially marked $5 Buck Box – which includes a Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Crunchy Taco, Burrito Supreme® and medium fountain drink – can be entered online for an instant chance to win a PS Vita prize pack. Prize packs include one PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi model, one Little Deviants game, one 4GB PS Vita Memory Card, and a choice of one of the following games: ModNation Racers: Road Trip, LittleBigPlanet or MLB 12 The Show.

Consumers can win a PS Vita through a total of three different ways. In addition to "Unlock the Box," fans can win through Taco Bell's mobile app by battling their friends on Reality Fighters™ Dojo, an exclusive augmented reality game experience set on the $5 Buck Box. The third opportunity is by entering an online contest that will encourage users to boast about what they'd be willing to do for a PS Vita. Consumer videos and images that are submitted will be placed in an online gallery where viewers can vote for the winners.

"Taco Bell has always been a brand of firsts and we wanted to kick off the year with an innovative combination – our great food, PlayStation's cool new technology and multiple ways to play and win," said Brian Niccol, Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer at Taco Bell Corp. "We have an incredibly engaged customer fan base and we are excited to leverage this partnership and help them become early adopters."

PS Vita will launch in the U.S. on February 22, 2012 and be available at major retailers for $249.99 (MSRP) for the Wi-Fi model and $299.99 (MSRP) for the 3G/Wi-Fi model.

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