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Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Wii
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Stickmen Studios
Release Date: April 2012 (US), April 18, 2012 (EU)

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'Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time' (ALL) Coming To PSN

by Rainier on Jan. 18, 2012 @ 6:53 p.m. PST

Join Doc Clock in his first incredible inventing adventure. Navigate Doc Clock and his sarcastic robot Sack, on their journey through time in a bid to save the Doc’s beloved cat Franklin from a prickly fate!

Test your mental skills by designing ingenious inventions to overcome improbable obstacles. Then, push your piloting abilities to the limit as you attempt to steer your crazy contraptions through an insane world of spiky pits, icy chasms and erupting volcanoes all dominated by techno-phobic hippy robots.

Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time features:

  • Infinite Possibilities - Invent almost anything you can imagine from the objects you discover; such as spring powered vehicles, catapults and incredible flying machines
  • Sarcastic Humor -  Enjoy wise cracks from Sack as he berates Doc Clock throughout the adventure
  • Instant Gratification - Immediately undo your calamitous mistakes with Doc Clock’s amazing Time Slider
  • Prove Your Awesomeness – Win Trophies by unlocking achievements such as “Headhunter” and “Rocketman”
  New features introduced for the Playstation Network:
  • PlayStation Move Motion Controller Support
  • Sandbox Level – Doc’s playground for tinkering and building with loads of objects
  • New in-game abilities such as building while seated

Pricing for the game will be announced in the coming weeks.

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