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Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle

Platform(s): Nintendo DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Reef Entertainment
Developer: Wizarbox
Release Date: 2012 (US), March 30, 2012 (EU)

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'Captain Morgane And The Golden Turtle' (ALL) - New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 20, 2012 @ 10:53 a.m. PST

Captain Morgane, a point & click adventure game written by Broken Sword's Steve Ince, tells the story of Morgane Castillo and her journey from playful girl to becoming the Caribbean’s first fearsome female pirate captain!

Written and developed by Steve Ince of ‘Broken Sword’ and ‘So Blonde’ fame, Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is the epic tale of Morgane Castillo, the young daughter of the renowned Pirate Alessandro Castillo and how she grows up to become the most fearsome pirate of the Caribbean and her exciting journey to discover the mysterious treasure of the Golden Turtle.

We first meet Morgane when she is 8 years old, living with her mother on Bounty Island while her father is sailing the high-seas. But when her mother dies, her father, heartbroken, takes Morgane away with him on his adventures. Upon her 17th birthday, Morgane is told to find a crew of her own and a cargo to sail with. To the feisty and confident young woman, this sounds straight-forward, but in the dangerous waters of the 17th century Caribbean, this is more difficult than even she realises! However, along the way, we find out that her long lost uncle is still alive so she forges ahead and begins the journey for Turtle Island where both her uncle, and the treasure, awaits her.

Fabien Bihour, Wizarbox CEO said, “We wanted to build on the success of So Blonde with a character we grew to love - Morgane Castillo. But more than that, we wanted to build a world which was a worthy partner to Steve’s great storyline and script. As a studio we’re experienced in creating adventure games and wanted to give the player as many potential directions and activities as possible. We had to develop incredibly detailed interactive environments and high definition enabled us to do just that.”

Julien Millet, Wizarbox project manager of the title said, “Captain Morgane was a challenge from the outset, especially in developing Morgane’s world and the cast to fill it. We have over 40 fully fleshed out characters with back stories and 50 highly detailed individual environments set over 5 islands – it’s not just an epic story, it’s an epic game in itself!”

Alessandro Castillo, Morgane’s father, is both proud and protective of his daughter.  A respected Pirate, he soon realises that he’ll not always be around to look after her and decides to teach her his pirating ways and how to captain a ship of her own.

The merchant, Thomas Briscoe, hires Morgane to help him find something that he’s been obsessed by for the last ten years – the fabled Golden Turtle. A pampered and overweight man in his fifties, Thomas has a greater ambition than being just a successful merchant. All his life he has dreamed of exploring for riches, but his wife tells him he’s not the adventuring kind! Undaunted, his quest with the pirates is his one last chance of a real adventure.

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