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Kabam Acquires Fearless Studios

by Rainier on Jan. 27, 2012 @ 11:50 a.m. PST

Social games developer Kabam announced it has acquired Fearless Studios, an independent development studio led by former LucasArts execs responsible for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Fearless Studios is led by award-winning writer and game director Haden Blackman and technology leader Cedrick Collomb. Blackman, the creator and Senior Executive Producer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Collomb, formerly Director of Engineering at LucasArts.

“The Fearless Studios team brings a wealth of talent and experience in creating outstanding, highly successful AAA titles across a range of genres,” said Kevin Chou, CEO of Kabam. “Their skills in game design, emerging technologies and proficiency in making the transition from 2D to 3D on consoles mesh perfectly with Kabam’s strategy. We’ll significantly strengthen our industry leadership as the online gaming market transitions to higher fidelity, 3D gameplay with our acquisition of Fearless Studios.”

Fearless co-founder Blackman has a proven track record for creating compelling stories, memorable characters, and accessible gameplay. He has developed blockbuster games including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, one of the best-selling and most successful Star Wars games of all time and winner of the Writers Guild of America award for Best Video Game Writing. Blackman has directed and managed multiple game franchises, penned iconic comics such as Batwoman with J.H. Williams III, and authored several books. As an Executive Producer, he has built and led teams to ship successful games on a wide range of budgets, genres, and schedules.

A technology leader and strategist, Fearless co-founder Cedrick Collomb has consistently implemented new technologies, methodologies, and engineering practices in service of innovative, high-quality games. His past accomplishments include developing and implementing the technological backbone of LucasArts’ most successful internally developed games, and harmonizing Lucas’s game and film/ILM technologies into a formidable pipeline.

“There’s no way we could pass up the chance to marry our vision for creating story-driven action games with Kabam’s excellence in building great online franchises using their incredible infrastructure, distribution ability, and advanced analytics,” said Haden Blackman. “Joining the hardcore social gaming leader gives our team a once in a lifetime opportunity to forge a new paradigm for what players can experience in an online game.”

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