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Team6 Becomes Nintendo 3DS Developer

by Rainier on Jan. 30, 2012 @ 8:46 a.m. PST

Most people already knew Team6 is a PS3 and X360 certified developer, but coming from a proven history of Wii games, Team6 has now also finished work on porting the Team6 engine to the 3DS platform.

CEO Ronnie Nelis: "Since we always believed in Nintendo doing the right thing, no matter what others were saying, we intended to release our first 3DS games only a few weeks after the official Nintendo 3DS launch.

One of them being the follow-up for the best-seller game "Monstertrucks Mayhem Wii", we had no reason to be afraid of any risk: but our 3DS publisher lost confidence in the platform in an early stage. Luckily we had other clients and projects for other platforms to fall back on, but we never forgot about 3DS and it's possibilities. Only as from the beginning of this month, a lot of both old and new clients realize that the Nintendo 3DS has become really hot in terms of sales. Now Team6 has 3 projects going on for the 3DS platform. Developing for the 3DS is something everybody from the team is very excited about, and our goal is to make the new 3DS games as good looking and even more fun to play as our Nintendo Wii games. It's no surprise that the majority of loyal Team6 fans are also fans of the Nintendo platforms, so I know they will enjoy our new games for 3DS too.

Therefore, I'm confident we'll establish even more good contacts with publishers to develop more and more 3DS games in the near future."

Although Nintendo has announced the Wii-U and Team6 is developing for the Nintendo 3DS now, Team6 continues to develop for the Nintendo Wii.

Ronnie Nelis: "The Wii is still more popular in many ways compared to other gaming platforms. Our best partners and publishers all understand this, since even now we get new requests to develop new titles, both big and small, for the Nintendo Wii. We hope this is also because we have proven to deliver good quality and service to our clients, maintaining an excellent cooperation, of course."

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