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Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Developer: Biart Studio
Release Date: 2013

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'Depth Hunter 2: Deep Water Adventures' (ALL) Ties In With Reality TV show

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2012 @ 4:30 a.m. PDT

In Depth Hunter 2 you play the role of a diver, a real underwater hunter and an explorer of secrets that oceans, wrecks and lost cities hide.

This is the first multiplatform game about the underwater world and underwater extreme sports like spearfishing and  free diving. The project is aimed at people that love seas and oceans, as well as at professional and amateur divers, fans of underwater hunting and other water sports, thanks to its graphical realism.

A player comes into the game’s world as a beginning diver with standard equipment. While completing tasks, the player earns money that he can spend to improve his equipment, to buy additional services, etc. Also each player has a set of skills which he can improve to be strong in the virtual world: e.g., his experience level, stamina, health level, accuracy, agility, etc.

Biart Company and  Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras announced their plans to work together on the game based on Francisco Ferreras' book and  TV show –  “Hunting the Abyss”.  The game, also known as Depth Hunter 2 is expected to follow launch of TV reality show on a major network next year. In the game players can feel as real underwater hunters, free divers and explorers of the Mystic ABYSS under Water Ocean,  of  intrigue  wrecks and  sink  missing  cities.  Spearfishing is a challenging sport, as you can't use scuba while hunting. The game still has some  tasks to be completed with scuba: underwater photo shooting, crabs hunting, treasure hunting,  etc.   

Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras is a prominent figure in the diving world and an independent producer, cinematographer, writer and director. His book, “The Dive”, sold over a million copies.  Pipin teaches the art and science of Free Diving and Spearfishing through his Deep Quest Institute and manufactures and sells free diving and spearfishing equipment through his company, Persistent.  He also owns Camm Productions, which is co-producing his reality TV show, “Hunting the Abyss”. 

“We are happy to work with Pipin and his team. It will be great for the game's development and also for players as together we will try to show a true atmosphere of the Abyss. When I first heard about Pipin's upcoming book and “Hunting the Abyss” reality TV show, I understood that our game Depth Hunter 2 by all means should be part of them. Now there're two teams passionate about the sea who are working on the “Hunting the Abyss” game and striving to make it exciting and unique!“ - says Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company. 

"We here at  CAMM PRODUCTIONS  are absolutely enthusiastic about this partnership venture, Biart has allowed us the ability to add our knowledge and input of free diving and spearfishing to be translated in a 3D space, we hope this partnership allows people who play the game a  little insight on free diving and spearfishing whereby both instructing players the proper preparation  techniques of the sport as well as making a fun and exciting  game for all ages.”  - says Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras. 

Depth Hunter 2 will support Razer Hydra (PC), Xbox 36's Kinect, and PS3's Move.

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