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District 187: Sin Streets

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: CJ Games Global
Release Date: Nov. 20, 2012

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'District 187: Sin Streets' Goes Open Beta - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 9, 2012 @ 2:42 a.m. PDT

Set at the end of the 21st century - after the collapse of the world economy - District 187: Sin Streets features cut-throat, urbanized warfare in a player vs. player environment. Game play matches vigilante SWAT agents against ruthless gang members.

Open beta introduces three new maps and four new weapons and the introduction of the District 187 development blog.

"With our community's continuous input and the tireless efforts of our developer CJ GameLab, we are able to move into our final testing phase before the launch of the game," said Jon-Enée Merriex, Producer, CJ Games Global. "We aim to make District 187 a compelling, competitive shooter for casual players looking for a few quick matches or hardcore gamers looking to rack up kills."

The open beta build bolsters the weapon load out options with a new set of guns. Pick up the semi-automatic Desert Eagle and offer the opposition 50 calibers of an explosive good time. Or, serve justice in the form of a body shredding, double-barreled Winchester shotgun to the face and go on about your day.  Along with two more weapons, the level of explosive gameplay will be raised from intense to cutthroat.

"We're going to be very interactive with our fans as District 187 is essentially their game," said Merriex. "In addition to the regular streams on Twitch, we're going to keep our players up-to-date with our new developer blog with regular updates by members of the community, production and development team."

Three new maps in District 187 unfold for open beta, offering carefully crafted landscapes to optimize attack strategy and execute opponents.

The new maps include:     

  1. The Factory : A new Bomb mission map; players can detonate or defend within the confines of a once thriving factory, destroyed after the Worker's Revolution. Eyes in the back of your head recommended.
  2. The Sewers: Hunt. Kill. Repeat. Once a playground for the criminal underworld, the sewers of District 187 is now a battleground to chase and evade through maze like tunnels and water wells. Get sprayed by water or by bullets. 
  3. SS Steuben: In the air, land and sea, corruption reigns. The SS Steuben, perceivably, a harmless, old cargo ship, is actually a vessel for drug and human trafficking. Rally allies, check every corner and pile up the kills before time runs out. Tip: Don't fall overboard.

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