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Good Old Games Adds Classic 3D Realms Titles

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2012 @ 9:31 a.m. PST has signed a digital distribution agreement with 3D Realms, expanding its catalog with classics like Shadow Warrior and Terminal Velocity, priced at $5.99, both Win7/Vista compatible, and DRM free.

3D Realms, also known as Apogee Software Ltd., will be recognized forever as the company that created Lo Wang the Shadow Warrior, a mercenary/bodyguard that turns on his powerful employer after finding out that Zilla Corporation wants to conquer the world. Shadow Warrior is a first-person shooter filled with unforgettable one-liners and a certain disregard for the politically correct. Weapons used by Mr Wang include a katana, shurikens, two UZIs, sticky bombs, and many others. Shadow Warrior, bundled with two expansions Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon, is available for download right now for $5.99 for your PC and Mac!

Gamers who--years ago--first controlled the TV-202 and used ION, RTL, MAM, SAD, SWT, and DAM against PDCs sent by ASFAR in 2704 A.D. will be extremely happy to learn that the first/third-person space shooter Terminal Velocity is available right now on for only $5.99. In a distant future Perimeter Defense Computers constructed by the Alliance of Space-Faring Alien Races direct all their forces to attack Earth, and the player piloting an advanced fighter TV-202 is the last defense of human race. Terminal Velocity abandoned the traditional corridor-based style of shooters to deliver a completely new mix of speed, action, and full freedom of flying.

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