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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Brain and Nerd

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'Predestination' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 28, 2012 @ 7:25 p.m. PST

Predestination is a turn-based space 4X game featuring full planetary exploration system, terraforming, and a colony blueprint system.

Predestination is a turn-based space 4X game that significantly modernizes and improves on the gameplay of classic games like Master of Orion II, Civilization and the Galactic Civilizations series. It blends turn-based galaxy management and turn-based tactical combat with modern 3D graphics, player-generated content, and innovative new game mechanics that 4X fans have been waiting years to get their hands on: A 3D galaxy map that works, real planetary exploration, streamlined micromanagement, realistic spying and planetary bombardment mechanics, and many other revolutionary features. It's all in Predestination, whether your focus is on exploring the galaxy, expanding your galactic empire, exploiting the resources around you or exterminating all races that cross your path.

Thanks to the extremely low cost of living in Northern Ireland and government schemes that will match any private funding, Brain and Nerd only needs to secure $25,000 through Kickstarter to comfortably fund Predestination's development. If the developers get extra funds, they'll be able to add cool features like free online multiplayer and mission designer tools. Several Irish developers have tried to raise funds on Kickstarter and failed, but Predestination may be the first to actually make it. It's well on its way to hitting the 60% mark, the point at which Kickstarter predicts a 98% likelyhood that a project will be funded.

If Brain and Nerd raises more than its $25,000 minimum goal, they'll be able to hire a few extra hands and develop additional features. The following is a list of key features that Brain and Nerd wants to put in the game if budget and time permits:

  • Online Multiplayer and LAN play: This is something we are committed to adding, as multiplayer is where 4X games shine. Netcode takes a lot of time to develop and debug, so if we can't afford to get it in for release we'll definitely add it after launch as a free update.
  • 3D ship design tool: A simple tool that lets players slot together pre-made ship parts to create a unique look. If we can complete this, players will also be able to share their ship designs on our community website!
  • Singleplayer missions: We aim to develop a singleplayer campaign to take the player through the game's core storyline, and a series of difficult challenge missions to really test your skills.
  • Free mission designer and modding tools: We'll publish the mission design tools we build for free, so you can design your own story campaigns or challenge scenarios. We'll let you showcase your work on our community website, and you'll be able to download and play missions other players have designed.
  • Other ideas: Tactical ground combat, extra races, more buildings, additional ship parts and technologies, 3D fleet combat and colonisable moons are all possible with enough funding.
  • Leave a comment with features you'd like to see in the game and we may add them as stretch goals.

If Brain and Nerd reach their funding goal, they'll announce the next stretch goal based on your suggestions and the list above.

In the year 2350, human deep space probes discovered a mysterious cloaked star system with planets filled with advanced technology. As the galaxy's empires argued over ownership of the planets, their ancient inhabitants awoke from suspended animation and began exterminating all life in the galaxy. Star by star, the empires crumbled, every inhabited world reduced to irradiated rubble.

Refugees from dozens of races joined forces for one final attack on the enemy homeworld. They planned to use the alien's own technology to freeze the entire solar system in time, but nature had plans of its own. Ruptures in space-time opened throughout the system, pitching ships back through time and scattering them throughout the galaxy.

Key Features:

  • Traditional turn-based 4X gameplay: Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate. Everything from empire management to fleet combat is turn-based for the most tactical gameplay possible.
  •  2D / 3D galaxy map: Play in a 3D galaxy map or optionally flatten the map for a classic 2D game. Galaxy sizes range from a handful of stars to hundreds.
  • Sandbox mode: Select a galaxy size, age, and number of AI opponents  to generate a random game. No two games will ever be the same, providing massive replayability.
  • Custom races: Create a custom race using a point-based system. Use existing race art or upload your own art to create a truly custom race.
  • Planetary exploration: Explore the surface of procedurally generated planets and scan planets from orbit. You can even have multiple colonies on each planet. Seamlessly zoom down to the surface to build your colonies and zoom back out to explore.
  • Terraforming planets: Each race is native to a particular type of planet, and you can terraform worlds to suit your needs. If you don't look after a planet, its climate could change over time.
  • Bomb planets from orbit: Manually select where to drop your bombs for maximum effect. Bombs leave visible craters on the planet's surface, and biogenic weapons can poison oceans and destroy crops. Destroy the ice caps to flood the coastlines or drop enough nukes to trigger a nuclear winter.
  • Tactical weapons: Warp-capable missiles can attack enemy planets from a distance, wormhole generators can link two systems to get behind enemy lines, and satellites can spy on enemy planets to prepare for an attack.
  • Real spying: Manually send spies in stealth ships to specific enemy colonies and give them missions to infiltrate certain buildings to steal technology or sabotage it.
  • A unique colony blueprint system: We've solved the micromanagement problem most 4X games face with our optional colony blueprint system. Manage up to hundreds of colonies at once. This takes all of the frustration and repetition out of colony management without sacrificing any direct control.
  • Turn-based tactical fleet combat: Tactical fleet combat on a hexagonal grid. Directly control individual ships and make squadrons that take their turns together. Unique tactical gameplay with the reactive strike system.
  • Custom ships: Design your own ships and pick what modules/weapons they have, so you can design a fleet with a particular strategy in mind.
  • Achievements: Because sparkly things popping up to tell you that you're awesome is always a good idea!


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