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Order Up!

Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, Wii
Genre: Management
Publisher: Ignition
Developer: SuperVillain Studios
Release Date: Feb. 28, 2012

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'Order Up!' (ALL) Gets PSN Date

by Rainier on Feb. 13, 2012 @ 6:48 a.m. PST

In Order Up!!, players get to experience the dizzying life of a top-notch chef and restaurateur as they prepare all types of food, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build their own restaurant empire from the ground up.

Welcome to Port Abello – a bustling fishing port, tourist destination, but more importantly an incredibly important location on the culinary map.

As the new chef in town you have a lot to prove. After getting your hands dirty in the local Burger Face fast food restaurant you decide to buy a place of your own, a local diner which is up for sale. But being a proud owner / operator of your own restaurants isn’t your only goal: rumor has it that the Fortified Chef Competition is about to visit Port Abello, something which could launch you firmly into the center of the worldwide culinary stage.

On your journey you’ll become master of not only classic Diner fare, but Italian and Mexican food, ultimately owning your own World Class eating establishment. But always be vigilant! Enemies come in many shapes and sizes, from rodents scurrying around your kitchens, to the local food critic and health inspector.

But fear not, you’ll be guided along your journey by many assistant chefs and friends, including the elusive Mr. Miyoda, who sells spices at the Port Abello Farmers Market. Some say he was once the most famous chef in the region, forced underground after a tragic 8 storey cake / hydrogen incident. Others say he has underground ties to all parts of the culinary world, including the Fortified Chef Competition… in time all will be revealed.

The game works with the PlayStation Move motion controller, as well as the standard SIXAXIS wireless controller, utilizing the tilt features and dual analog sticks. Order Up!! also supports the 3D capabilities and 3D-enabled HDTVs.

Players experience the dizzying life of a top-notch chef and restaurateur as they prepare all manners of exotic food, serve hordes of demanding patrons, and build their own restaurant empire from the ground up.

“We believe that Order Up!! has a universal appeal that any gamer will enjoy playing, so it was only logical to bring it to the PlayStation 3,” said Lokesh Dhar, Global Publishing Head of UTV Ignition Games. “SuperVillian Studios listened closely to the fan feedback and have included new restaurants, features, and game improvements.”

  • Order Up! is a delicious blend of precision restaurant cooking and culinary empire building, all rolled into a light and flaky crust of memorable characters and humorous situations.
  • With the Wiimote in hand, the player will be guided from burger to chateaubriand; taught every aspect of running a restaurant kitchen. For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a world-class chef or restaurant mogul (or both!), Order Up! will deliver.
  • The core gameplay of Order Up! is cooking. Players must craft dishes in a hectic restaurant kitchen, managing their cooktop stations (grill/griddle, range, cutting board and the pass) while also managing assistant chefs in the kitchen and their tasks. Fast, intuitive and highly addictive, the gameplay in Order Up! is fresh, creative and wholly original.
  • Beyond the core, gameplay includes rising through the ranks of the culinary world from fast-food to world-class restaurants as chef and owner while ever-expanding your cookbook of recipes and ever-improving the quality of your equipment.
  • Along the way you will face demanding patrons, discriminating food critics…and at the pinnacle of your fame in the world of fine cuisine you will manage multiple restaurants and create new, signature dishes all your own. Can you be the world’s greatest chef?
  • Designed specifically for the Nintendo Wii, Order Up! will take advantage of the Wiimote’s motion sensing technology to simulate real cooking, with real kitchen tools like knives, wooden spoons, tongs, ladles, and more.
  • SIXAXIS wireless controller and PlayStation®Move motion controller compatibility.
  • Split-screen co-op and competitive turn-based multiplayer for up to two players.
  • New restaurants, characters, and music, plus re-sampled audio, visuals, and full support of stereoscopic 3D.

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