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Fireteam Wants To Improve Multiplayer Interaction Across Platforms

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2012 @ 8:52 a.m. PST

Fireteam, founded by former Splash Damage, Bizarre Creations, and Rackage employees, is a provider of next generation online services for videogames, supporting mobile, console and PC platforms.

Fireteam is building a single online services suite, one that includes support for XBOX 360, PS3, Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android, with APIs that plug directly into popular gaming engines such as Unreal and Unity.  It will provide a single solution to easily integrate online features into your games, including matchmaking, transmedia connectivity across other devices, friends-features, player stats, and an in-game store.  It operates on a secure and scalable global platform.  Critically, it will allow publishers and developers to retain their own community through a white-label service.

“We believe players deserve a great online experience, reliability, performance, more content and connectivity,” said Stephen Gaffney, CEO of Fireteam. “Together, we’ve gained years of experience integrating online services into some of the worlds’ best-selling multiplayer games.  We’re now really happy to be completely dedicated to building this as a service and platform.”

“We’re here to help publishers and developers add a rich suite of features that help attract, engage and retain players,” added Ben Hopkinson, Director of Operations, “And we know Publishers will love the increased revenue that is a direct result of increased player engagement; players get more content that they want, they invite more friends, and together they spend more on your games.”

“As with many developers, at Splash Damage we often outsourced this component to a multitude of varying specialist providers, most of which have since been acquired.  Now, with significant planning and research, we’ve launched this as a separate venture to Splash Damage.  This specifically allows us to focus on improving the quality of online services,” said Arnout van Meer, Fireteam’s Chief Technical Officer “Because we’re going to help improve how smoothly games are launched and operate, we’re pleased to be offering our services to Splash Damage as one of our first customers.”

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