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Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Developer: Trine Games
Release Date: June 19, 2012

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'Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny' Delayed To Avoid 'Diablo III' Competition

by Rainier on April 19, 2012 @ 10:20 a.m. PDT

Faith in Destiny is an expansion to the second installment in the RPG series introducing a breathtaking story-focused campaign with many original characters returning, new multiplayer modes and maps offering a deeper Spellforce experience.

Designed as a standalone extension to “SpellForce 2”, the game will pick up on the predecessor's story set in the well-known SpellForce fantasy universe. A multitude of new features, among them new units, buildings, spells and missions have been added in order to meet the high expectations towards a SpellForce add-on. The add-on’s story revolves around a mysterious force threatening the SpellForce world Eo. Playing as a powerful hero, you will help the Shaikan forge an alliance with others in order to oppose the rising threat and end the danger that threatens entire world!

In times of war and chaos you will assume the role of a young man, who is supposed to liberate the entire world of Eo from the new, nameless evil. Along with a group of diverse heroes and a dragon as trustful companions, you will fight to gain information about this mysterious new enemy and thereby discover your own true destiny.

With daring and courage you will be able to succeed in this brand new, epic, strategic RTS/PRG-Mix that combines the storylines of the previous Spellforce-games and continues further.

“As many already know, hell breaks loose on 15th of May 2012 and may possibly cause a global decrease in productivity, “sick leaves”, and consumption of vacation days. We think that this is a very unfavorable time for the release of SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny and have therefore decided to postpone it. Due to lowered resistance values, even we here at Nordic Games are not immune to said phenomenon and expect anomalies with regards to working hours of our colleagues and employees”, said Philipp Brock, Marketing & PR at Nordic Games.

“Unfortunately, our internal schedule for SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny did not allow for a postponement to an earlier date; therefore, after some productive feedback sessions with our partners, we have decided to release on 19th of June, 2012”, added Gennaro “Genna” Giani Localization and Production Manager at Nordic Games.

Four years have passed since the Shaper was conquered by the power of the Archfire. Four years in which scientists, dragons and inventors have tried to find a way to counter the deterioration of the portal - but to no avail.

Now, the portal network has finally broken down and the islands are completely cut-off from one another. The dragons and the Shaikan are the only interface left between the races, but even their resources are limited.

The new enemy has been lying low for just such a moment. The races are cut-off from one another and the islands are exposed to attackers, who fall upon them from the demonic depths.

In the midst of this chaos a new hero enters the scenery. He is a simple Shaikan, a member of the Hand, who has embarked on a quest for answers to his deeply disturbing dreams. This quest takes him to the very roots of his race, to the Iron Fields, to the Mountain of the Patriarch Ur. It is all about his destiny, about his soul. After all it is the only thing he knows. However instead of finding answers he only finds more questions. Who are these daemonic creatures - so abysmally evil that they are only known as "The Nameless"? What do the dragons know about the destiny of this world?

And what does Professor Twiddle’s plan to restore the portal have to do with all this?

Our hero is gradually coming closer to his own destiny through this journey - through conversations, through newly acquired skills and through battles fought against old and new enemies.

Where ever he goes - The Nameless always seem to be one step ahead of him and an almost futile battle breaks out in which our hero holds not only his own destiny but the destiny of entire Eo in his hands.

Key Features:

  • Numerous breath-taking, intricately designed missions
  • The Avatar can now ride dragons
  • Meet new NPC characters and old friends: Professor Twiddle returns – and with him some of the SpellForce Series’ best-known characters, as well as brand-new story figures.
  • A completely new race threatening the fate of Eo
  • New environments, buildings and units
  • New spells and units offering a wide variety of tactical options

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny will be priced at $19.99 USD.

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