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League For Gamers Faces Off Against Video Game Violence Warning Label

by Rainier on April 3, 2012 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT

League For Gamers announced that it will be at PAX East in Boston, Massachusettes, April 6-8, to raise support for its community of gamers, developers, and industry supporters in their ongoing effort to protect the games industry against harmful legislation.

LFG is currently battling H.R. 4204, which will require a mandatory warning label – linking videogames to aggressive behavior – on nearly all titles. As legislation that will set a dangerous precedent based on questionable research, LFG aims to educate individuals wanting to know more about the bill and lend a voice to those who’re already concerned.

“When SOPA and PIPA were near passing, gamers banded together and found their voice – effectively helping to shut down the legislation,” said Mark Kern, Red 5 Studios CEO and LFG founder. “While it was an awesome moment that proved we can’t be taken lightly, protecting gamers’ rights is an ongoing process that requires us all to remain vigilant. LFG is here to be the watchdog against bills like SOPA, PIPA, and H.R. 4204. But it’s the community that inevitably acts as our teeth.”

League For Gamers will be taking sign-ups and meeting with PAX attendees at Red 5 Studios’ Firefall booth, #536. Interested parties looking for more information about the organization and its efforts are encouraged to stop by and meet with a representative or head over to the official website.

All current members and individuals that sign up at the show will receive an official LFG shirt, exclusive to the event.

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