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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Brain Candy
Release Date: Q4 2011

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'Fray' Accepting Beta Sign-ups, Available for Pre-Order - Screens

by Rainier on May 16, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m. PDT

Fray is a turn-based, multiplayer, real-time strategy game that eliminates the waiting involved with most turn-based games by introducing simultaneous play.

Fray is a gritty sci-fi game set in 2098, a world where civil society is on the brink of collapse. Three mega-corporations vie for control of the Earth and its remaining resources. In a world where most human interaction is confined to cyberspace, mankind has created a variety of virtual reality modules in which to escape the harsh realities of life and experience the full range of human emotions once known by generations past. Some modules are created for human enjoyment while others have been created to serve more devious purposes. One of the most pivotal virtual environments is the combat module, Fray.

To celebrate its Beta period, Brain Candy has released two new features players can get their hands on in the combat module. The XP system allows players to gain experience in combat to beef up squad strength. The in-game chat is the main hang-out for players looking for a fight! Arrange where to meet on the battlefield, swap battle stories and strategies, or just talk.

Recruits can now head over to to sign up for a slice of the action and also pre-order the game ($19.99), not only guaranteeing beta access but also that XP points gained during beta will carry over to launch. All pre-orders will also be rewarded with a free extra copy for recruiting friends to the battlefield.

Players will enter Fray with a squad of four characters, each with their own specialties. Outfit your squad with a variety of weapons, items and abilities to prepare them for combat. Once inside, Fray is played in turns, where all players choose their actions simultaneously. When actions are chosen, or the timer has run out, the action then plays out in real time cinematic fashion with dynamic camera angles. By virtue of the simultaneous action selection system, the delay and frustration of most turn-based strategy games has been eliminated.

With an original electronic soundtrack, 3D visuals, and motion-captured animations, Fray is poised to be one of the premiere new game properties.

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