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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Storm Eagle Studios
Developer: Storm Eagle Studios

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'Jutland' - v1.162 Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on May 7, 2012 @ 10:03 p.m. PDT

Jutland is Storm Eagle Studios 2nd installment utilizing its Distant Guns 3D Combat Engine! Set in the treacherous waters of the 1916 North Sea, Jutland delivers the most detailed World War One naval experience ever released for PC wargaming!

Get the Jutland [PC] v1.162 Demo off WP (885mb)

Jutland breaks new ground yet again! Building on the technical success of Distant Guns, the 3rd Generation render engine installment of Jutland dramatically expands the boundaries of 20th Century Naval Warfare in all Directions!

Jutland pushes the envelope of the real time 3D military simulations with the most realistic ballistics ever created in a commercial war-game. Every shell fired is physically introduced into the 3D Battle-Space, where it follows a true-to-life trajectory all the way to the target. If the shell actually hits the target in the 3D world, it must then penetrate the armor of the ship's hull, deck, or turret based on the thickness at the impact point.

Storm Eagle Studios has created an unprecedented 3D naval game environment, featuring hundreds of highly detailed, historically accurate 3D WWI Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, and Torpedo Boats from the countries of Germany, England, and France.

Jim Rose, CEO of Storm Eagle Studios, said " The 1916-17 US North Sea Fleet provides an excellent starting point for the first Expansion of JUTLAND. Historical gamers have long wondered if an early US entry into WWI would have ended WWI by the end of 1916. Now they have the chance to find out! In addition, What if the US joined the war on the side of the GERMANS?  We have included 2 additional BONUS Campaigns to answer that very question!"


  • 8 Ship Classes - 43 New Ships - representing elements of the 1916-17 US Atlantic Fleet operating in the  North Sea. Eight (8) new classes of Dreadnaught era warships greatly expand the available JUTLAND  Era Ships to almost 1000! All ships are highly detailed and historically researched.
    • Battleship Classes:   New York, Wyoming, Florida, Deleware 
    • Destroyers Classes:  Obrien, Cassin, Monaghan, Paulding
  • Starter Scenarios - Several Stand alone scenarios featuring the mighty US Fleet.
  • 2 Hypothetical 1916 Campaigns - What if the US had entered WWI in 1916?
  • 2 Hypothetical 1916 Campaigns - What if the US joined the Germans in WWI?

Jutland Ship Pack 1 US North Sea 1916  is currently available as digital download ( $29.95).

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