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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Developer: The Farm 51
Release Date: 2013

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'Adventurer' (ALL) Announced

by Rainier on June 1, 2012 @ 2:32 a.m. PDT

Project Adventurer takes the adventure genre and combines it with fast paced action associated with FPS, delivering breathtaking visuals and dynamic shooter gameplay.

Set in exotic locations such as ancient Mayan ruins, forbiden cities, frozen wastelands and lush, tropical jungles – project Adventurer features 10 distinct levels of treacherous environments.       

“Project Adventurer is an awesome mix of dynamic gameplay and vibrant locations, with traps and puzzles scattered throughout every level,” said Artur Falkowski, Producer at The Farm 51. “Our intention is to give the player the possibility of using their surroundings to eliminate threats. Additionally, we have incorporated many puzzles and physical challenges that serve as a well-timed break between the action.

Set in the late 1930’s, project Adventurer follows a private detective from San Francisco as he gets drawn into a mysterious quest to uncover an artifact of significant power. Unbeknownst to him, foreign intelligence officers are searching for the same artifact. This adventure will take him on an insane journey to striking locations all over the globe. As the plane carrying our hero and his companion crashes in an undiscovered region of the Yucatan, the player will soon find out that they are not alone in the jungle. Searching for the same artifact, enemy soldiers have awakened an ancient evil at one of their excavation sites. Will this quest bring our hero considerable fame and wealth or will it be the last case this PI will ever undertake?

Besides a single player campaign, project Adventurer will feature a multiplayer mode – with more information available in the upcoming weeks.

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