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Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action/Adventure
Release Date: Fall 2012

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'Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise' (ALL) Unveils New Details - Screens

by Rainier on July 19, 2012 @ 7:48 p.m. PDT

Players will take on the role of Naughty Bear who is once again shunned and outcast by the inhabitants of Perfection Island.

They've departed for the luxury holiday destination of Paradise Island but haven’t invited poor Naughty Bear along. Armed with a hit-list of bears that have wronged him, Naughty is going to make them pay, one by one.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise takes everything you loved about the first game and brings a whole new level of naughtiness Thanks to a completely over-hauled combat system, brand new levelling up system, equipment customisation with thousands of combinations and over 30 mission set across 11 distinct areas of Paradise Island there really is a whole new world for players to explore and unleash their inner-naughty in as many ways as they can imagine.

With the great summer getaway just around the corner, Naughty Bear is planning what he needs to take with him on his last minute trip to Paradise Island. It’s only last minute because all those mean old bears didn’t invite Naughty to come along – again – so he better make room for all of his new toys if he’s going to pay them back for being so nasty.

With so many bears on the lookout for Naughty he’s going to have to work out just how to get to his target – does he hide in the bushes and mount a sneak attack?  Drag bears into the woods to steal their costumes so he can blend in with the crowd? Maybe even wear their brother’s face to get up close and personal with his targets?

Whichever route he takes it’s going to be a long day as Naughty Bear tracks down 36 bears on the Naughty List across 11 different areas of Paradise Island.  Even with his brand new combat skills, special kills and ultra-kills galore, it’s not going to be all plain sailing this time around with Paradise police, the disco defence force and even an entire group of super heroes running around.  Wonder how the cops would react if a super hero started taking a swing at them?

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