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Ascension: Arenas Of War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Ludorum Studios
Developer: Ludorum Studios
Release Date: Q4 2012

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'Ascension: Arenas Of War' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 16, 2012 @ 7:07 a.m. PDT

Ascension: Arenas Of War aims to mix the fast paced play of current FPS' with skill based classes whilst encouraging a team dynamic in order to achieve specific goals.

Team synergy in Ascension: Arenas of War is crucial to achieve victory in the numerous unique game modes that the game has to offer. With diverse design and aesthetics, Ascension offers unique game play within interesting environments.

“We are looking forward to finally showing people what we have been working on for the past few months”

Game Modes

  1. Team Deathmatch: Work with friends or other players and try to take down the opposing team. Use the player skills to help your team mates in claiming victory.
  2. EMP Mode: In EMP Mode, the attacking team has to work together to detonate 3 points across the map. The attacking team must be careful though, because the defending team can claim ownership of the EMP and defuse it. If this happens, the attacking team will have to spend team resources to acquire a new one.
  3. Virus Mode: With the team’s credits constantly ticking down, it is up to each team to upload a virus to one of a set of terminals located throughout each level. No one has control of these terminals and the race is on to upload a virus to leach more points from the opposing team. The more terminals a team owns, the faster the opposing teams score is reduced.
  4. Upload Mode: With a credit target to reach, it is up to each team to find the terminals positioned throughout each level and access them to start stealing funds. With the terminal location changing randomly, the teams must be quick to reach the new location to earn them a multiplier.

Character Classes

  • Juggernaut: Slow moving and brutal in force, the Juggernaut is able to use his weapons to suppress enemies. His skill set allows him to effectively crowd control for the group as well as initiate assault on the enemies.
  • Cyborg: Agile and deadly, the melee based assassin is able to stealthily sneak up on enemies before dealing decisive blows with its deadly skill set.
  • Technician: Using his skill set the Technician has the ability to control key locations by constructing turrets and other mechanical devices to support his team.
  • Scientist: The Scientist is able to use his chemical based arsenal to hinder the enemy players. He is also able to support his own team by revitalising his teammates.
  • Hacker: The Hacker is able to use her skills to carefully pick off enemies from afar as well as using a combination of tactics and deception to hinder enemies.

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