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Super Off-Road

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Developer: Atomicom
Release Date: Early 2013

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'Super Off-Road' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding

by Rainier on Aug. 20, 2012 @ 9:07 a.m. PDT

Super Off-Road is a split second off-road racing through stunning environments, with jumps, drifting, cash pick-ups and power-ups.

After the successful launch of its cross platform title Bang Bang Racing the Atomicom team is taking its next title off the tarmac and onto the dirt.

The game will feature full 3D Physics and graphics, 6 tracks with multiple routes, 4 classes of car with 8 vehicles in total. Atomicom has decided to launch a crowd funding campaign rather than seeking a publisher and are hoping to generate $30,000 through the campaign.

Atomicom have wanted to make this game for a long time, the game goes back to old school game mechanics, remember racing games were you had to race against the clock to get to the next check point? Well that's what Super Off-Road is all about but with glorious console quality graphics, real 3D vehicle physics, high quality music and sounds, fully upgradeable vehicles and stunning tracks to master.

You start the game as a rookie with a small amount of cash and your first car. The idea of the game is to work your way through a calendar year entering single race events, multi-race events and championships to earn money. You can then spend your winnings on upgrading your car, buying new vehicles and entering more events.

Events get tougher as the game progresses and some events are class specific so upgrading your car and buying new vehicles will help you progress through the game. You will be able to upgrade Tyres, Engines and Body kits with each upgrade improving the performance of your car as well as looking visually better.

You can also spend money on buying new skins to change the color of your vehicles and you can also purchase performance fuel to give you a speed boost, if you need it to finish a particularly tough event.

You earn money by:

  • Winning events and championships
  • Passing a checkpoint
  • Air Time
  • Drift Time
  • Collecting Cash Pick-ups

The Cars:

  1. Buggy's: These fiendishly fun cars are the basic starter car they are great at drifting and jumping but lack the speed of the other classes.
  2. Sports cars: Are you ready to race? These are the best all round cars with great performance, good drifting and good at handling jumps.
  3. SUV's: SUV’s are quick for their size and able to drift very well although don’t jump to far due to their weight.
  4. Trucks: Trucks are almost planes without wings, able to jump for longer than any other class, although they are not great at drifting, they do pack a punch in performance.

The Tracks:

Atomicom currently planning to have 6 tracks in the game, some with multiple routes, jumps, ramps, bridges and chicanes.

The current line up of tracks are:

  • Grand Canyon Track
  • Californian Beach Track
  • Asian Mountain Run
  • European Coastal Run
  • Amazon Jungle Track
  • Countryside Track

If Atomicom manage to beat their $30,000 goal by a significant amount they will add more tracks, let their  Kickstarter backers choose which extra locations they would like, and maybe even develop Xbox Live and PSN versions of the game.

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