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Blood Knights

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: dtp entertainment
Developer: Deck13 Interactive
Release Date: Q3 2012

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'Blood Knights' (ALL) Introduces The Vampire Hunter - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 27, 2012 @ 8:58 a.m. PDT

Blood Knights is a full blooded Vampire-Action-RPG that features intense combat, tons of weapons, items as well as vampiric abilities that put players in total control over their enemies and let them feel the powers that vampires wield in the Blood Knights universe.

Blood Knights features a plot focusing on Jeremy, a vampire hunter who was viciously attacked and bitten during on one of  his dangerous missions and is now bound by blood to the sexy, but mysterious, 'vampiress', Alysa. The former arch-enemies have to work together to rid themselves of the binding.

"If you’re going to see the wife, remember to bring both swords”. This is the motto of vampire hunter Jeremy in Blood Knights, who has been bound by a spell to the seductive vampiress, Alysa, to fight side by side and save the world.

Jeremy will give all the budding succubus disenchanters, werewolf hackers and vampire slayers out there a glimpse into the background of this gutsy guy.

Blood Knights’ vampire storyline comes to life through the heroes Jeremy and Alysa. As different as they are, they are bound by blood and have to fight together to survive. While Jeremy is a mighty warrior who is dual wielding increasingly powerful weapons and uses devastating attacks, Alysa uses crossbows, traps, bombs and special ammunition to eliminate her enemies from a distance. Both are able to use various vampiric abilities that become ever stronger and more and more impressive in the course of the game. Jeremy for example can pull huge groups of enemies towards him and unleash chaos upon them once they are in melee range.

Set in the mythical Middle Ages, the players will be able to control both Alysa and Jeremy in their cooperative quest for salvation, either in single player or co-op mode. The protagonists will encounter numerous enemies, avoid traps and fight and confront an impressive  (and sometimes sexy) array of bosses - each one requiring a unique strategy in order to be defeated. Rich treasure and rewards await those who against all odds are able to fight their way through the wide variety of settings/scenes.

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