Ascend: New Gods

Platform(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Signal Studios
Release Date: 2013

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'Ascend: New Gods' (XBLA) Will Be Free-To-Play

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2012 @ 5:46 p.m. PDT

Ascend: New Gods is a third-person action RPG experience that offers a variety of innovative new features such as multi-platform connectivity, a unique parallel multiplayer system and support for the newly-announced Xbox SmartGlass technology.

Enter the world as Caos, a gigantic breed of mighty warriors created to serve the will of the gods. Combat the immortal Titans while fending off attacks from rival players and establishing your influence in the global conflict. Ascend: New Gods delivers mythic action and cross-platform content across your console and mobile phone.

"We want to create a game that delivers an experience beyond what people generally expect from free-to-play titles,” says D.R. Albright, President and Creative Director for Signal Studios. “Our business model is integrated into the gameplay in a very elegant way. There’s no begging or distracting pop-ups. Players can get through Ascend without spending a dime, but if they want to purchase items to augment their experience, we make it easy for them to do so. If they choose not to, that’s fine too.”

In Ascend:New Gods, players will be able to spend “souls”, the currency of the game, to acquire new and unique items, abilities, upgrades, and character customizations.  Souls can be earned in-game or purchased using Microsoft Points through Xbox Live. 

Providing further value to the player, Ascend takes advantage of unique technology that allows the developers to quickly and seamlessly deliver fresh content directly to the game world.

“Ascend leverages our proprietary dynamic content system to deliver on-the-fly updates,” says Brett Gow, Executive Producer for Ascend.  “By taking advantage of this system, we’ll be able to quickly make adjustments to the game to meet the demands of both the single-player story and the multi-player experience. This will allow us to push new content and gameplay updates directly to players without the wait normally associated with console title updates.” 

Key Features:

  • The world of Ascend is always connected and evolving through dynamic user-shaped experiences.
  • War is raging between the Three Gods. Bind yourself to a God and rise to dominate the Ascend community. Players will kneel before your rule as you invade their games.
  • The largest rewards require the ultimate sacrifice – your character! But all is not lost; each life sacrificed to your God brings new abilities that help forge your ultimate Caos warrior.
  • Ascend offers unprecedented connectivity across mobile and console Xbox LIVE platforms. Wage war against Xbox 360 players from your mobile phone, gain power and prestige, and transfer it all to your console – anywhere, anytime.

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