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Magrunner: Dark Pulse

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: 3AM Games
Release Date: Q1 2013

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'Magrunner: Dark Pulse' Reaches Kickstarter Goal - Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 6, 2012 @ 1:17 a.m. PDT

Magrunner: Dark Pulse is a first-person action puzzle game set in a cyberpunk reimagining of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos!

Get the Magrunner Trailer off WP (50mb)

In the near future, high-tech and ancient horrors collide as the world teeters on the brink of oblivion. Only our hero Yoshi, with his mutant mentor Gamaji and his robotic dog Newton, stand in the way of eldritch annihilation.

Yoshi and Newton enter the Gruckezber Magtech Challenge, a corporate-sponsored technology competition drawing contestants from around the world for the 1 million credit grand prize. They soon discover, however, that this friendly game has a much darker purpose behind it…

Magrunner’s unique game mechanics focus on magnetic polarity and its manipulation to solve environmental puzzles. The potential for experimentation with polarities in the game is immense with a variety of environmental triggers, effects, machines, and objects at your disposal. The gameplay is simple yet dynamic, testing not only your reaction speed, but also your ability to think quickly to save your life!

Magrunner: Dark Pulse has reached its funding goal of 100k Euros. Having reached that goal, the team at 3 AM Games is adding a PvP mode and five additional multiplayer levels.

We are proud, happy, and humbled to say that Magrunner: Dark Pulse has reached its initial goal with over 2 weeks left in the crowdfunding campaign. We want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who's pledged. Thanks for being part of this project and for helping support our dream.

But the fun isn’t over yet! With more than two weeks left, we can still go further… If you’ve been undecided about backing, now is a great time to join us and help bring Magrunner to the Mac with a beautiful soundtrack! Please continue spreading the word about Magrunner. And now, we’ll celebrate!

3AM Games has already invested 800,000€ in developing Magrunner but is looking for additional funds through crowdfunding. The story is completely written. Twenty-five levels, developed with Unreal engine, have already been completed. Design specifications for all 41 levels are ready and the levels are currently being developed. We need your help to make the game even better though. Check below to see those options we are talking about, and the funding levels we need to reach to implement them: 

  • If we reach 100,000 €; we will add a Player vs Player mode to the game and 5 additional maps for the PVP gameplay.
  • With 200,000 €; the game will be available for Mac, game soundtrack will be composed by a famous composer, and the solo mode of the game extended with 10 additional levels (51 solo levels and 5 PVP maps).
  • If we reach 300,000 €, we will be able to add high quality voicing not only for the English version of the game but to French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian. We’ll also create 2 additional levels for English-speaking audience or those who speak none of these languages!
  • With 400,000 €; the game will be available for iPad and be Apple TV compatible for a specific gaming experience. We’ll also create 5 additional levels (for those who don't own iPads!).

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