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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: PixelFoundry
Release Date: Summer 2013

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'BlackSpace' Partners With NVIDIA, Seeks Crowd Funding

by Rainier on Sept. 19, 2012 @ 6:14 a.m. PDT

BlackSpace is a unique form of real-time strategy, combining elements of action with an emphasis on economic and defensive efficiency.

Players will find themselves on the outskirts of explored space, harvesting minerals, and supplying markets, while using the resources around them to sustain their operations as well as the lives of the colonist workers.

The game takes place on X class asteroids, players will control both surface and orbital operations with the use of a specialized low gravity operation support vehicle. The vehicle controls take skill to maneuver safely, but once mastered, it becomes an extension of the players hand, commanding base operations, pilot drilling dig sites, prospecting large and unusual mineral deposits, and if need be, supporting the bases defense.

The play space encircles the celestial body and extends into orbit. This gives the player a layered and expansive strategic platform. The unique layout serves to broaden the players ability to develop varied and personalized solutions to the environmental and defensive challenges that await them.

Creative head and co-founder Jerry Phaneuf says, “Over the past 9 months we think Blackspace has really evolved into something special, we want to share it with the community and see if they agree. This game has the opportunity to become bigger, deeper, and more visually compelling with Kickstarter backing. Coming from larger studios, where your work is necessarily guarded, we are not accustomed to intentionally sharing incomplete visuals, its a bit unnerving. But we're really excited, and maybe wincing slightly, about the prospect of broad honest feedback from the public, that Kickstarter promises.”

Blackspace is also going to include the Oculus Rift as part of its development plans. “We implemented stereo 3D in Blackspace quite early in the development, mostly for fun. But now with Nvidia's support and the emergence of the Rift, we have reason to fully support both Oculous and 3D Vision. A lot is happening for us right now, regardless of what happens with Kickstarter, the future ought to be interesting.” says Phaneuf.

PixelFoundry has recently partnered with NVIDIA for their RTS game Blackspace. PixelFoundry co-founder Volga Aksoy says, “With NVIDIA's support, we will be able to make sure that the game [Blackspace] runs optimally, as well as visually bug free on all existing and future Geforce GPUs. NVIDIA has been surprisingly responsive and helpful to our small studio, its nice to see that level of support from such a large company.” This also means that Blackspace will be able to take full advantage of NVIDIA's higher-end features like 3D Vision and SLI.


  • Destructible everything
  • Extensive use of physics
  • Spherical play surface
  • Fully deformable landscape
  • Dig and discover new tech and resources
  • Physics based flight mechanics
  • Tactical and strategic planning
  • Sculpt gameplay to your play style
  • High end visuals
  • Structure alchemy
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision

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