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'Parallax' Re-launches Kickstarter Campaign

by Rainier on Oct. 17, 2013 @ 1:12 p.m. PDT

Inspired by the original Master of Orion, Parallax aims to provide simple, streamlined, immersive gameplay, with the majority of the complexity hidden behind the 2-dimensional game screens.

Timothy Zahn and Prototype X Software are re-inviting the Kickstarter backers (the initial Kickstarter was canceled after a mere 7 days) to be an active part of the game creation process as well, and will work with them to create and refine the game’s content, such as alien races, space fleets, the technology tree, and even the game’s dialogue. 

Parallax will be a turn-based strategy game in keeping with the classic 4X genre, and heavily inspired by the feel and simplicity of the original Master of Orion. The player, as the leader of a fledgling interstellar civilization (AKA a "Faction"), will direct just about every aspect of their faction's development, including galactic exploration, expansion of the empire, exploitation of resources and technologies, and extermination of any competitors that refuse to join their empire.

To differentiate itself from the rest of the games in the genre, Parallax will focus on presenting a richer, more varied, gameplay experience.  Some of the core elements of this experience will be:

  • A civilization can be composed of more than one alien race, due to conquest, immigration, aboriginal races that are incorporated into the civilization, etc.
  • Decisions will have side-effects, which the player may or may not be able to predict…
  • Other factions will have “memories” – betraying them, or offering assistance, will affect the way that civilization deals with you for the rest of the game
  • Each game will be, as much as possible, a new experience: minor, often hidden, details will change, and affect the way the game plays out

The game is planned for PC release on both Windows and Linux, and they’re planning additional ports to other operating systems and device types (phones and tablets) post-release.

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