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Godus Wars

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: 22cans

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'GODUS' Integrates Game Analytics To Improve Player Engagement

by Rainier on Oct. 24, 2013 @ 10:09 a.m. PDT

Godus Wars mixes tactical Real Time Strategy gameplay with the mechanics of the God-Game genre.

GODUS empowers you in the role of a god, allowing you to sculpt every inch of a beautiful world that you look down upon, on which a population of followers settle and multiply. As you mould every aspect of your unique utopia, a civilization will blossom across your land and offer you their belief. The more followers that believe in you, the more powerful you will become.

Whilst you are free to lose yourself in this tranquil experience, other gods reign outside of the ever-expanding reach of your influence. If you so wish, you may challenge other gods and their civilizations to epic multiplayer battles that involve hundreds of followers fighting in your name whilst you cast devastating god powers from the skies above. As you conquer more lands, your powers will grow allowing you to nurture the advancement of your own followers.

As part of its strategy to make GODUS a groundbreaking reinvention of the god game genre, 22Cans has integrated Measure, GamesAnalytics’ comprehensive suite of data analytics tools to help improve game performance by using player segmentation and predictive analytics to maximise player engagement.

Recognising the central role that analytics plays in the success of free-to-play games, 22Cans has integrated Measure into its development process, using its event data collection, performance dashboards and deep-dive analytics tools optimise the game experience based on player attributes.

GODUS launched this month on Steam Early Access and Measure will enable the development team use its powerful data-mining tools and slice & dice functionality to perform detailed player analysis to look at key areas like Quest Difficulty Analysis and Economy Balancing to understand exactly what is happening in game and with their players.

Tim Rance, CTO, 22Cans, said: “With GODUS we’re looking to create a game which offers a truly rewarding experience that engages players in fresh new ways and understanding player behaviours through data analytics is an essential part of our strategy.

“GamesAnalytics’ technology has enabled us to better understand player behaviours at an individual level allowing us to optimise the gaming experience.”

Mark Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, GamesAnalytics, said: “22Cans is one of the most exciting developers in the industry right now. It’s great to be able to have worked with them from beta onwards to support the launch and ongoing success of GODUS.

“Increasingly, forward thinking publishers like 22Cans are waking-up to the potential that analytics can deliver when integrated as part of the development process, which is key to creating successful free-to-play games today.”

GODUS can be found on Steam Early Access right now on.

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