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Super Roman Conquest

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: SeaCliff Interactive
Release Date: Summer 2014

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'Super Roman Conquest' Overhauls Art Style, Needs Kickstarter Push

by Rainier on Nov. 18, 2013 @ 4:41 p.m. PST

Super Roman Conquest is a side scrolling strategy game that allows you command units through a multi-layered 3D landscape in the setting of ancient Rome.

It has historical soldiers and unique battlefields all rendered in a classic pixel art style. It includes game altering choices that ensure no two games play the same and fresh new features that allow more strategy than the typical side-scroller. The title is headed to KickStarter and looks for passionate fans hungry for more strategy in their side-scrollers to help the developers fulfill their vision for the game.

SeaCliff Interactive, founded by LucasArts devs, has unveiled details on some big changes in the art style for Super Roman Conquest. 

This is part of a complete art overhaul we're doing on SRC that includes character sprites, animations, and environments. We've heard a lot of feedback about our placeholder art and have been eager to share a better look of what we expect from the finished game.

All the art was done by an extremely talented artist named Sean Ward who previously worked on the Hyper Light Drifter Kickstarter and has a unique style that really brings the world of Super Roman Conquest to life.

On top of the art overhaul, we're looking to release our pre-Alpha demo shortly.

Super Roman Conquest's Kickstarter campaign has reached 84% of its $30,000 goal and with 4 days to go needs a final push!

Key Features

  • Take full control over the legions of Rome in a revolutionary 3D multi-layered side-scrolling landscape.
  • Move units within the depth of a 3D environment on parallel play paths called Battle Lanes.
  • Utilize unique troops from Rome: Centurions, Auxilia, Archers, Engineers, Doctors and more..
  • Master the ingenuity of Roman engineering by constructing bridges, ladders, and devestating siege weapons.
  • Recruit new troops, upgrade existing units, and requisition new equipment on a grand campaign map of the Mediterranean.
  • Unique decisions and branching paths ensure no two campaigns will play the same.
  • Innovative community interaction model recreates the intrigue and power of the Senate in the Roman Republic.

Super Roman Conquest closed BETA access will become available around the holiday 2013 season.

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