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Rascal Rider

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: cameleon-labs

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'Rascal Rider' Features Cross-platform Multiplayer

by Rainier on Nov. 19, 2013 @ 2:35 p.m. PST

As a professional rider you will take part in a motorcycle racing series specially designed to entertain millions with its unforgiving and violent rules.

Being on track you and all of your opponents will be allowed to use different kind of weaponry to claim your place at the finish line. From melee attacks to shooting rival riders in the back -everything is allowed. The high-tech protective suit and medical bots standing by the track will keep you in one piece during the race, as long as you can stand the pain of getting trashed over and over...

Rascal Rider will feature both single player and a cross-platform multiplayer modes. In both modes you will have a choice of allowing the use of the weapons with or without restrictions to create your preffered mix of racing and combat. With the handling model balancing between spectacularity and physics Rascal Rider gameplay provides fun and rewarding racing experience.

Still being in pre-alpha stage, Rascal Rider has just got another of it’s features tested. The cross-platform multiplayer gaming capability has been tested by the cameleon-labs team. This test, including most of the major game features, from riding, to skin changes and animations, was one of the milestones in the Rascal Rider development cycle. The test was run using a several PC machines running both a standalone build as well a web player version of the game, and mobile devices running under Android and Windows Phone 8 operating systems.

The goal of developing the cross-platform functionality for Rascal Rider is to enhance the player experience in many ways. Cross-platform races will not only allow for more online action and larger player base but will also let player to play on the platform of their choice depending on time and situation. This of course means that any Rascal Rider related purchase will be valid for any platform.

The main focus in gameplay design is to provide equal fun and playabilty for all the platforms to the extent that will allow a cross-platform multiplayer online racing. Any player will be able to race on a platform of his choice with his characters and statistics accessible from every one of them.

Rascal Rider will be set in the world of the Rascal Rider graphic novel, which will be released in episodes, revealing piece by piece, a story of a lone man struggling to fit in the disturbing world of the future. The first episode, released as a poster and a motion comics trailer, reveals the events leading to the point where the main character "restarts" his racing carrer thus creating the game setting.

Oculus Rift support and console versions are considered, however cannot be confirmed at the time.

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